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The Pompa Sancta begins.

It's party time, little lady!

Carbuncle to Vanille

The Pompa Sancta (ポンパ・サンクタ, Ponpa Sankuta?) is a popular event held in Nautilus in Final Fantasy XIII. It is a show displaying various Eidolons in pageantry fashion, while telling the story of the historical event known as the War of Transgression.


This festive nighttime dance parade depicts the events of the War of Transgression in a stylish and dazzling display of pageantry. Held in Nautilus, the production portrays Cocoon fal'Cie as Eidolons who combine their powers with those of flamboyant Sanctum l'Cie in order to overthrow the villainous l'Cie of Pulse.

In the show's dramatic finale, a Pulse l'Cie transforms into an abomination reminiscent of Ragnarok before finally being slain by a righteous l'Cie from Cocoon.


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Vanille catches a Carbuncle disc.

When Sazh and Vanille arrive in Nautilus, a news broadcast of their friends, Lightning, Hope, Snow, and Fang - combined with Vanille's guilt over Dajh's fate - makes Vanille cry. To cheer her up, Sazh decides to take her to see the Pompa Sancta.

When the show starts thousands of discs rain down on the crowd, each holding a hologram of Carbuncle. Vanille catches one, and a little Carbuncle pops out. The creature flies up in the sky and joins the other holograms to form Dancers of Water, to Siren's music, the setting symbolizing Cocoon before orbs of red flame manifest, transforming into more Dancers of Fire. Sazh explains that they the new dancers represent Pulse. The Dancers of Fire destroy the Dancers of Water and suddenly, a burst of flame in the sky brings forth the Eidolon Ifrit, and on top of his head, a Pulse l'Cie, claiming he will destroy Cocoon.

Cocoon's shell breaks, and the world is at peace.

In a gust of wind a Cocoon l'Cie arises and fights the Pulse l'Cie with the help of the Eidolon Ramuh. The two l'Cie fight each other until the Pulse l'Cie transforms into a dark, winged creature. Vanille is startled by the sight, recognizing the creature as Ragnarok.

To retaliate, the Cocoon l'Cie transforms into Valefor. The two Eidolons collide, and Ragnarok is destroyed instantly. After the battle Cocoon appears with its shell broken and the pieces circle the planet. As the crowd cheers, having brief visions of her past Vanille can only look away, and wonder if the death of Pulse beings could truly bring happiness to the people.

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Notable Eidolons[]

  • Carbuncle
  • Siren
  • Ifrit
  • Ramuh
  • Valefor
  • Ragnarok

Musical themes[]

"The Pompa Sancta" is the eighth track on disc three of the Final Fantasy XIII: Original Soundtrack, and plays during the performance.



Pompa Sancta means "holy procession/parade" in Latin.