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Poltae is a Wildlands village in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. It is located near Etro's temple and is inhabited by her disciples who believe that their patron goddess is still alive.


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Lightning goes to Poltae to heal a man named Taleb who suffers under the heavy burden of a curse with a potion from Cardesia. Taleb killed Cardesia's lover and, suffering from a debilitating disease, he waits for Cardesia to give him poison to exact her revenge. Instead, the potion cures him.

Lightning meets Professor Lathom, a scholar looking for something called the grail of Valhalla. After Lightning finds the grail, Lathom restores it and entrusts it to Lightning. He realizes that it wasn't the grail he was looking for, but Lightning herself, the holy servant.

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The Temple of the Goddess[]

Etro's Temple, originally from Valhalla, looms over the rocky terrain, though no one has entered it since it mysteriously appeared. The worshipers of Etro await the day they witness the legendary Angel of Valhalla carry the chosen toward the temple and the source of the great Chaos that has encroached upon the land.


Mercy of a Goddess[]

Quest Begins
In the village of Poltae, a man suffers under the heavy burden of a curse. Taleb is his name, and he believes death is the only way to escape the pain. But will Cardesia's potion really give him what he wants?
Entry 1
The Angel of Valhalla appears strong enough to take Lightning by the shortcut from Jagd to Poltae. The potion that can cure Taleb will lose all its potency in only 45 minutes. Can Lightning beat the clock and reach Taleb in time?
Quest Complete
Taleb is the man who killed Cardesia's lover. Laid low by his debilitating illness, he could only wait for Cardesia to extract her revenge with a brew of poison. However, Cardesia's cure heals him completely. He believed that death would bring him peace and atonement. But instead of the goddess's mercy, he receives forgiveness--a much harder gift to bear.
Difficulty: ★★
Requirements: Available after completing A Final Cure
First Time Rewards: 1600 gil, Delicious Mushroom, Max HP +80, Strength +8
Subsequent Rewards: 2400 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +8

While the quest can be started after doing main quest 3-1 The Angel of Valhalla, and doing and completing A Final Cure, Lightning requires Angel of Valhalla to glide to complete this one. In Poltae, there is a man lying on the ground, who mumbles on about Cardesia. In Jagd village, Cardesia is the one manning the chocobo apothecary and picking second choice when talking to her obtains Cardesia's Cure. There is a of 45-minute time limit on in-game clock to return to Taleb in Poltae. If Lightning is too late, the elixir evaporates and she must return to Cardesia for another one. The best way to Poltae is to glide over the ravine on the north and rush to Poltae to give the medicine to complete the quest.

The Grail of Valhalla[]

Quest Begins
In the village of Poltae, Lightning encounters Professor Lathom, a scholar who is searching for something called the grail of Valhalla. If Lightning truly is the chosen one, then she and the angel may be the only ones who can find it for him. Hint: Lightning must find the two sets of glyphs inside the temple to decode the legend of the grail.
Entry 1
Lightning brings the ancient glyphs to Professor Lathom and he deciphers them: "Borne by wings of white, the chosen one flies, "cross heaven's path to where the sacred vessel lies." It appears that the monument on the way to the temple points the way to this Heaven's Path. Lightning should head toward the temple with the Angel of Valhalla and search for traces of the grail.
Entry 2
Taken by the Angel of Valhalla down Heaven's Path, Lightning finds a rusted shard of metal. Perhaps it is a clue to finding the grail of Valhalla. She should show the artifact to Professor Lathom, back in the village of Poltae. He might know what it means.
Quest Complete
Professor Lathom restores the grail of Valhalla and entrusts it to Lightning. He has found the answer that he spent his entire career as a historian searching for. He tells Lightning that his real goal was not the grail. Rather, it was the holy servant, Lightning herself, who he truly wanted to find.
Difficulty: ★★★
Requirements: None
First Time Rewards: 3800 gil, Sacred Knight, Crest of Etro, Max HP +150, Strength +10, Magic +16
Subsequent Rewards: 5700 gil, Max HP +80, Strength +6, Magic +10

Although the quest can be started anytime the Angel of Valhalla must be able to glide to retrieve Goddess Glyphs and Chaos Glyphs from the Temple of the Goddess by examining two lithographs inside: on in Hall of Avarice area, and one in War's Cage: Highest Level. After collecting these, Lightning must hand them over to Professor Lathom near the inn in Poltae, and then examine four lithographs located in the village.

  • Lightning must climb the path to south end of Poltae and examine the first lithograph.
  • Lightning must jump north over the gap to the next platform and examine the second lithograph and receive a Plate Metal Fragment.
  • Lightning must jump west over the gap to the next platform and examine the third lithograph and receive a Silvered Metal Fragment.
  • Lightning must jump north over the gap to the next platform, dismount the chocobo, climb the ladder, turn right and examine the fourth lithograph and receive Gold Metal Fragment.

Returning to the professor concludes the quest.


Mitty's Dispensary[]

Item Price Availability
Potion 360 gil From Day 1 to Day 5
Hi-Potion 480 gil From 6th day
Remedy 580 gil Default
Mega Remedy 980 gil From 6th day
Phoenix Down 1,280 gil Default
Faith Potion 640 gil Default
Enfrost Potion 640 gil Default
Enaero Potion 640 gil Default
X-Potion 640 gil From Day 11

Adventuring Essentials[]

The adventuring shop is opposite the general store from 6PM to 6AM.

Item Type Price
Goblin Notes Monster Notes
Hanuman Notes Monster Notes
Meonekton Notes Monster Notes
Aster Protoflorian Notes Monster Notes

Forge (Rare)[]

The Red Dragon Outfitters has a chance of appearing in Poltae.


Musical themes[]

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