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Polk is a supporting character in the Episode INTERmission DLC introduced in Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. He is a member of an Avalanche HQ branch monitoring the Sector 7 slums and Barret Wallace's Avalanche splinter cell. He devises strategies for the branch and is passionate about the Fort Condor game, introducing Yuffie Kisaragi to it.


Polk recently joined Avalanche, being the youngest member in his branch.[1]

Polk and Billy Bob amused by Yuffie.

In "Wutai's Finest", Zhijie introduced Yuffie to Billy Bob and Nayo. Polk was amused by Yuffie's introduction and told her Sonon arrived in Midgar three days before her. He asked if she had any bags and was surprised when she said "ninjas travel light". Yuffie gave him a Da-chao bean, but he couldn't crack it and awkwardly laughed in astonishment as Yuffie easily ate two handfuls. Polk and Billy Bob continued trying to crack their beans to no success. Polk informed an impatient Yuffie that owning an ID would allow her to ride the train out of the slums. He warned her that security had been on high alert due to the bombings and suggested waiting for things to settle down. He remarked to an insistent Yuffie that she could go to the Shinra Building without an ID if she had a death wish.[2]

Polk assessed Yuffie was bored and introduced her to the Fort Condor game, teaching her the basics for his own benefit and challenging her to a round to which she reluctantly accepted. He was surprised he lost, was impressed by her skill, and suggested she challenge other serious players in the undercity. Polk told an initially uninterested Yuffie she could challenge competitors and play against the grandmaster to win cash and materia, but warned she'd have to prove herself to hardcore competitors. He read a note detailing the handoff location for Yuffie and Sonon's counterfeited interplate IDs. Before the ninjas and Nayo left, Polk told Yuffie to watch herself, playfully called her "boss", and recommended acting like a local.[2]

Polk passes by Yuffie at the station.

Polk escaped Shinra's ransacking of Avalanche HQ's base at the Sector 7 Clinic and headed for the train station with his colleagues. A pessimistic Polk walked past Yuffie and mentioned the train being the last for some time. He boarded the train out of the Sector 7 slums, escaping its upcoming destruction.[3]



Polk is a young man with a slim build. He has fair skin, short and wavy strawberry blond hair, and brown eyes. He wears a green workman's shirt over a long-sleeve black shirt, a black belt with a silver buckle, cuffed faded black jeans, and casual black boots.


Polk is an intelligent, observant, calm, and practical young man with a knack for assessment and devising strategies. He is dedicated to Avalanche's cause, but is a passionate and skilled player of the Fort Condor tabletop game. He is close with his colleagues, sharing a mutual dislike toward Shinra and seeking to end the company nonviolently. He is good friends with Billy Bob and as the youngest member in his branch, his colleagues adore him like a younger brother.[2][4]


Polk Fort Condor loadout from FFVII Remake INTERmission.png

Polk hosts the tutorial match for Fort Condor inside the Sector 7 Clinic, during "Esteemed Avalanche Colleagues". The battle is straightforward: Yuffie need only deploy units that counter his.

Board Units Reward(s)
Sorcerer Board I
Blizzard materia icon for Fort Condor from FFVII Remake INTERmission.pngBlizzard
Aero materia icon for Fort Condor from FFVII Remake INTERmission.pngAero
Security Officer (Vanguard)
Helitrooper (Vanguard)
Grenadier (Ranged)
Slug-Ray (Ranged)
Riot Trooper (Defense)
Sentry Gun Prototype (Defense)
Sorcerer Board I

After beating Polk, further challenges are available in the sidequest "Mastering Fort Condor". Polk can be challenged again to repeat the tutorial.


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