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FFXI Staff 13

The Oak Pole.

Poles (, Bou?), also called stick, are a recurring weapon type from the Final Fantasy series, shown mostly in the Ivalice Alliance. It is not wielded by the same job in two games, but it is often used by light melee and mage jobs. Most poles are recurring, and the Whale Whisker is usually the strongest of the type.


Poles in the series that are primarily rods and shafts of various degrees that a wielder may use to perform blunt and slamming attacks. Their design consists of simple long rods of various makes and materials, and bear simple designs compared to other weapons, with some exceptions, such as the Whale Whisker and Eight-Fluted Pole, which bear one-ended adornments similar to spears and staves, and are said to have a bladed end.

These weapons are designed for agile physical use, unlike other shafted weapons, such as the spear, the rod, and the staff. While mages and magic users can also sometimes use the weapon, Monks and Far Eastern inspired jobs, such as the Oracle, are commonly associated with it through its association with eastern martial arts as an extension of one's own body.


Final Fantasy VIIEdit

Some of Aeris's weapons resemble poles, including the Guard Stick, Mythril Rod, Full Metal Staff, Striking Staff, and Aurora Rod.

Final Fantasy XIEdit

Poles are governed by the staff skill, and usually have fair melee damage but limited stat bonuses. Unlike quarterstaves, poles can be wielded by most mage classes.

Notable combat-oriented poles:

  • Kirin's Pole
  • Eight-Sided Pole
  • Thyrsusstab
  • Perdu Staff
  • Steel-splitter
  • Kinkobo
  • Wyvern Perch
  • Mekki Shakki
  • Capricorn Staff

Final Fantasy XIIEdit


The Eight-fluted Pole.

Poles are weapons with great chance of performing combos. The damage the weapon can deal is based on the target's Magick Resist. In the Zodiac versions, only the Monk can equip them.

The damage formula for poles is:

$ DMG = [ATK * RANDOM(1..1.125) - MDEF] * [1 + STR * (Lv+STR)/256] $

Poles use the pole damage formula, which is the same as the Strength formula except damage is modified by Magick defense. Damage depends on the weapon, the user's Strength and character level. The characters' stats vary. Vitality varies the most, by 30%, and Strength varies 10%. Basch, Vaan and Balthier have the highest Strength. Inflicting Shear on a target can increase poles' damage output and it stacks.

List of poles:

Final Fantasy TacticsEdit

FFT Gokuu Pole

Poles can be equipped by the Arithmetician and Mystic jobs.

List of poles:

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the RiftEdit

FFTA2 Battle Bamboo

Poles can be equipped by the Master Monk, Geomancer, Dancer, and Heritor jobs.

List of poles:

Dissidia 012 Final FantasyEdit

Pole weapons are one of the types of weapons normally only available to Firion, The Emperor, Cloud of Darkness, Bartz, Kefka, Tifa, Zidane, Kuja, Yuna, Shantotto, Prishe and Vaan. Several specialize in boosting the initial Assist Gauge charge at the start of battle.

List of poles:

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