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Poisonga in Final Fantasy XI.

Poisonga (ポイゾガ, Poizoga?, lit. Poisoga) is a recurring ability in the series. It is an area-of-effect version of the spell Poison.

Although called Poisonga in the localization of Lightning Saga, the spells are called Bioga in the Japanese versions.


Final Fantasy XI[]

MP 44
Effect Poisons enemies within area of effect, gradually reducing their HP.
Duration Varies
Casting Time 2 Seconds
Recast Time 15 Seconds
Magic Type Enfeebling Magic
Element Water
Jobs BLM 24 DRK 26

Poisonga is an enfeebling spell usable by Black Mages and Dark Knights that inflicts the Poison status on all targets within a large radius. Players rarely choose to cast Poisonga, however, because it prevents putting large groups of enemies to sleep, guaranteeing that all enemies will have to be dealt with at once (any form of damage, including poison, will wake sleeping targets).

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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Non-Final Fantasy appearances[]

Crystal Conquest[]

Poisonga appeared as a Trickster class ability. The ability inflicted the poison status to all enemies.