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Heals Poison


Poisona is a restore magic spell in Final Fantasy VII. It is granted by the Heal Materia at level one, and cures a target of the Poison status effect.


Magic Materia Heal, Master Magic
Effect Removes Poison
Compatible Support Materia Added Cut
Final Attack
HP Absorb
Magic Counter
MP Absorb
MP Turbo
Quadra Magic
Sneak Attack
Steal as well


Poisona removes the Poison status effect from a target. This can prevent Poison's damage 1/32 of the target's max HP every 2.5 units. If an ally has been hit by Poison, it is important to remove this, as it can be particularly deadly during boss fights. Poisona has a very low MP cost of 3, making it a good alternative to Antidote. Though the Heal Materia provides the spell Esuna, if the only negative status is Poison, it is better to use Poisona instead to save the MP.

Poisona is useful in many situations as removing the Poison effect can save an entire fight, and it is extremely cheap to use. Later on, there are many ways to simply prevent the Poison status effect. Linking the Poison Materia with Elemental can prevent Poison by providing resistance to or absorbing Poison damage, while linking it with Added Effect on armor can prevent the status entirely. Additionally, equipping the accessories Star Pendant, Fairy Ring, and Ribbon can also prevent Poison, making Poisona unnecessary.

Poisona can be paired with the All Materia to cure multiple allies of Poisona at once. However, as Poison normally is applied to one character at a time, there are better uses of All.

Poisona can be cast by the enemies Toxic Frog and Jemnezmy. However, Jemnezmy only uses the spell as a counter, while Toxic Frog can only use it while under Manipulate.


The suffix -na is derived from Japanese Naoshi ((ナオ)()?) meaning "cure".