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Allows you to use toxin-related spells.


Poison materia is a Magic Materia Magic Materia in Final Fantasy VII Remake and "Episode INTERmission", equipped to provide the user spells that inflict damage and the Poison Poison debuff. Poison materia can also be linked with Warding Materia Warding Materia to reduce the length of the Poison debuff, and with Synergy Materia Synergy Materia for auto-casting.

Poison is also a materia in the Fort Condor minigame in "INTERmission", present on Battalion Board III. It continuously damages opponents that enter the spell's area of effect.


Poison Materia picked up at the bottom of the Drum.

Poison materia can be purchased from the quest "Secret Passageway" in "Dogged Pursuit" onwards.

A poison materia orb can be found during "Crossing the Trunk Line" in "Rough Waters" Poison Materia location in the sewers from FFVII Remake, and in the bottom of the Drum after Cloud falls and is separated from the others.

In INTERmission, poison materia is sold in the Sector 7 Slums item shop, and in all vending machines.



Level AP required Effect
1 0 Bio
2 300 Biora
3 900 Bioga


Magic MP Effect
Bio 3 Deal a small amount of damage and inflict Poison.
Biora 8 Deal a moderate amount of damage and inflict Poison.
Bioga 15 Deal a large amount of damage and inflict Poison.


Poison materia grants three tiers of poison spells, beginning with the base spell Bio Bio. It unlocks Biora Biora after receiving 300 AP, and Bioga Bioga at a further 900 AP. These spells each deal damage to enemies, in addition to inflicting the Poison debuff on enemies who are not immune to it. Poison spells are guaranteed to hit their target, bypassing obstacles and sticking to them before dealing damage after a short delay, and will still deal damage to targets that are immune to the Poison status effect. This can make them useful offensive spells against enemies with no elemental weaknesses.

Poison is not an element, meaning enemies have no particular weakness to damage from poison materia spells. However, the Poison debuff can be an effective cast on powerful enemies that are not immune to it, because it deals damage over time. This can make it useful to cast in lengthened battles. The magic damage from casting the spell itself depends on the characters' Magic Magic attribute, which is normally highest in Aerith and Cloud, depending on the equipped weapon. However, the Poison damage is not dependent on the caster's Magic stat, making the spells useful when cast by anyone.

Poison materia can also be linked with warding materia to reduce the length of the Poison debuff on a character, or to nullify it if the warding materia reaches level 3. This is a useful effect because the Poison debuff can deal considerable damage over time and make many battles more difficult. However, there are other ways to resist or counteract this debuff aside from the warding materia, which may be better paired with other materia.