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Poison Knuckles
For those whom nature has not blessed with venom, there are these. Small thorns deliver the goods.

Poison Knuckle (ポイスン ナックル, Poisun Nakkura?), also known as Poison Claw, Sick Knuckles, Venom Claws or Toxic Claws, is a recurring weapon in the series. It is often a low-ranked fist weapon, associated with the Poison element or Poison status.


Final Fantasy IVEdit

Hell Claws (Poison Claw for the Easy Type version) is weapon for Yang, that provides 40 Accuracy, and a 30% chance to inflict Poison when attacking with it.

Final Fantasy IXEdit

Combat knuckles.

Poison Knuckles is a low-ranked weapon for Amarant, and teaches Spare Change and Counter. It has an Attack of 33 and inflicts Poison when used with Add Status. It can be bought for 5,000 gil in Conde Petie, Madain Sari, Alexandria, Treno, Lindblum, and Ipsen's Castle.

Final Fantasy XEdit

Poison Claw is a weapon for Rikku that can only be acquired if a claw's dominant ability is Poisontouch.

Final Fantasy XIEdit

There are numerous hand-to-hand weapons that may inflict Poison status upon a successful hit. They are the Poison Cesti, the Poison Baghnakhs, the Poison Claws, the Poison Katars, the Venom Claws, the Venom Katars, and the +1 versions of all of these. All of these weapons are produced using Alchemy synthesis recipes.

Final Fantasy Tactics AdvanceEdit

Poison claws jut from these knuckles.

Sick Knuckles is a low-ranked knuckle that provides +35 Attack and +1 Evasion, and teaches the ability Green Gear to the Gadgeteer. It can be bought for 1,000 gil.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the RiftEdit

Poison Knuckles is a low-ranked fist weapon that teaches Green Gear to the Tinker and Scream to the Berserker. It provides 33 Attack and 2 Evade, and can be bought for 600 gil in the shop after creating it in the Bazaar after using a Dark Stone, Xergis Tin, and Bat Tail.

Final Fantasy Legend IIIEdit

Poison has a claw icon before its name. It has an attack power of 140 and can inflict poison when attacking. It can be bought for 18000 G at Cirrus in Pureland, it can also cast Venom when used as an item during battle.

Bravely DefaultEdit

Toxic Claws is a knuckle that provides 49 P.ATK, 90 Aim, 3 Critical, and has a 40% chance to cause Poison. It can be bought in Eternia for 9800 pg.

Bravely Second: End LayerEdit

A knuckle glove with hollow claws. Upon impact, it delivers poison to an opponent through its claws.

Toxic Claws is a knuckle that provides 53 P.ATK, 90 Aim, 3 Critical, and deals 50% more damage to inorganic foes. It can be bought in Hartschild for 2200 pg.

Final Fantasy DimensionsEdit

Poison Knuckle is a low-level claw. It provides 26 attack power and can inflict Poison.

Final Fantasy All the BravestEdit

It's said poison is a woman's weapon, but don't tell that to any guys wearing these.

Poison Knuckles grants +1 to Attack. It can be equipped by Monk, Tifa, Red XIII, Snow, and Chocobo.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

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Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit

Among weapons which can be equipped to ones knuckles, claws are special for their cutting ability. One could even inflict their opponent with poison if it were to be applied to the tips of a set of claws. It was thanks for this idea that the poison knuckles were created. Though cherished by those who make their living carrying out assassinations, they are fiercely detested by fair-fighting martial artists who view their use as unfair.

Poison Knuckles is a Fist weapon obtained by crafting it using 200 gil, x5 Dark Megacrysts, and x10 Mythril Ores, and by finding it at Maranda Coast. It provides 40 ATK and has a 30% chance of inflicting Poison.

Chocobo no Fushigi na DungeonEdit

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Chocobo's Dungeon 2Edit

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