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Poison Fang in Final Fantasy Record Keeper [FFX].

Inflicts damage and poison on an enemy.

Final Fantasy X description

Poison Fang (毒の牙, Doku no Kiba?, lit. Poisonous Fang), also known as Venom Fang, is a recurring item in the series. It commonly inflicts non-elemental damage and Poison to one or all targets.


Final Fantasy VIII[]

Poisonous monster fang.


Venom Fang is an item that can be dropped from a level 1-29 Anacondaur, stolen from any leveled Anacondaur, or refining one Anacondaur card into one Venom Fang. One Venom Fang can be refined into 10 Antidotes via ST Med-RF, one Venom Fang can be refined into 20 Dark Ammo via Tool-RF, and one Venom Fang can be refined into 20 Bios via ST Mag-RF.

Final Fantasy X[]

Poison Fang is an item that inflicts non-elemental damage and Poison to one target. When 24 are used to customize a weapon, that weapon will gain the ability Poisonstrike. When 12 are used to customize an armor, that armor will gain the ability Poisonproof. When 8 are used on an aeon, that aeon will learn the ability Bio. Poison Fang can be stolen from Bite Bug, Hornet, Killer Bee, Nebiros, Sleep Sprout, and Wasp, or bribed from Bite Bug, Killer Bee, Nebiros, and Wasp.

Final Fantasy X-2[]

Poison Fang is a priority 4 status-type item that inflicts damage and Poison on one enemy. Consume 3 to teach Envenom to a creature. It sells for 25 gil. It can be dropped from Aculeate (Oversoul), Assassin Bee (Oversoul), Vespa (Oversoul), Wasp Queen (normal and Oversoul), and stolen or bribed from Assassin Bee, Vespa, Wasp Queen (normal and Oversoul).

When used in Mixing:

  • Poison Fang + Fire Gem = Abaddon Flame
  • Poison Fang + Dragon Scale, Fish Scale = Aqua Toxin
  • Poison Fang + Holy Water = Archangel
  • Poison Fang + Antarctic Wind, Arctic Wind = Black Ice
  • Poison Fang + Antidote, Budget Grenade, Candle of Life, Dark Grenade, Echo Screen, Eye Drops, Farplane Shadow, Hero Drink, Holy Water, Light Curtain, Phoenix Down, Petrify Grenade, Mana Spring, Sleep Grenade, Lunar Curtain, Soul Spring, Chocobo Feather, Silver Hourglass, Poison Fang, Silence Grenade, Potion, Soft, Stamina Spring, Star Curtain = Blaster Mine
  • Poison Fang + Bomb Core, Bomb Fragment = Brimstone
  • Poison Fang + L-Bomb, Shining Gem = Cluster Bomb
  • Poison Fang + Water Gem = Dark Rain
  • Poison Fang + Electro Marble, Lightning Marble = Electroshock
  • Poison Fang + Megalixir = Final Elixir
  • Poison Fang + Mega Phoenix = Final Phoenix
  • Poison Fang + Twin Stars, Three Stars = Grand Slam
  • Poison Fang + Chocobo Wing, Gold Hourglass, Mana Tablet, Mana Tonic, Stamina Tablet, Stamina Tonic = Hazardous Shell
  • Poison Fang + Potion = Hi-Potion
  • Poison Fang + Ice Gem = Krysta
  • Poison Fang + Phoenix Down = Mega Phoenix
  • Poison Fang + Ether, Gysahl Greens, Hi-Potion, Mimett Greens, Pahsana Greens, Sylkis Greens = Mega-Potion
  • Poison Fang + Dark Matter = Miracle Drink
  • Poison Fang + Remedy = Panacea
  • Poison Fang + Budget Grenade = Pineapple
  • Poison Fang + Grenade, M-Bomb S-Bomb = Potato Masher
  • Poison Fang + Soft, Echo Screen, Antidote, Eye Drops = Remedy
  • Poison Fang + Supreme Gem = Sunburst
  • Poison Fang + Shadow Gem = Tallboy
  • Poison Fang + Lightning Gem = Thunderblast
  • Poison Fang + Dispel Tonic = Ultra Cure
  • Poison Fang + Elixir, Healing Spring, Mega-Potion, Turbo Ether, X-Potion = Ultra Potion
  • Poison Fang + Blessed Gem = White Hole

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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World of Final Fantasy[]

SINGLE: Sometimes inflicts poison.

Effect Sometimes inflicts Poison to a single target.
Buy Chocolatte Mart, Underground Prison Shop
Cost 500 gil