Poison Breath as seen in Final Fantasy X.

Poison Breath (毒ブレス, Doku Buresu?), also known as Poisonbreath and Venom Breath, is a recurring enemy ability in the series. It is often a powerful Poison-elemental attack that targets the entire party and inflicts the Poison status. In Final Fantasy XI, it is also a Blue Magic spell. Poison Breath generally deals much more damage than Poison Gas.


Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Venom Breath is an enemy ability used by Blade Dragon. It deals massive non-elemental damage to the party.

Final Fantasy V

Poison Breath is an enemy ability used by various enemies in the game, including Bahamut and Archeosaur. It inflicts major non-elemental damage to the party as well as inflicting Poison.

Final Fantasy VII

Poison Breath is an enemy ability that inflicts Poison on the entire party. It is used by CMD.Grand Horn and Bagnadrana. The weaker variant, Poison Storm, inflicts Poison on one party member, and is used by the Harpy, while Poison Blow, used by Velcher Task, does the same thing.

Final Fantasy IX

Venom Breath is an enemy ability used by Chimera, Grand Dragon, Whale Zombie, and Worm Hydra. It inflicts Venom.

Final Fantasy X

Poison Breath is an enemy ability used by Evrae, which deals Poison and moderate non-elemental damage to the entire party.

Final Fantasy XI

Template:FFXI Spell Poison Breath is a Blue Magic spell learned from Hounds. It is a water-element breath attack spell that may also inflict poison. It costs 1 Blue Magic Point to set, and grants MND+1 when set.

Final Fantasy XII

Poison Breath is an enemy ability used only by Aeronite and Dheed. It inflicts area-based damage as well as Poison to those in the area.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

Poisonbreath is an enemy ability used by Dualhead Hydra and Twinhead Wyvern. It inflicts non-elemental damage and Poison to both characters.

Vagrant Story

Poison Breath is an enemy ability used by Dark Dragon. It deals Dark elemental damage and may cause poison.

Final Fantasy Dimensions

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