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Poft is a location in Final Fantasy II. It is a quite accessible town, as the ship from Paloom can dock here. Cid also stores his airship here, which he lets people ride for a reasonable price.


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In the early stages of the story, Poft plays no significant role other than a convenient place of shelter.

Further in the game, Poft is attacked by the Dreadnought, which causes heavy casualties to the population. Regardless, Cid maintains his airship transportation business, but it soon ends when The Emperor summons the Cyclone, and the town is completely obliterated.

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Weapon Shop[]

Normal Shop[]

The weapon shop of Poft.

Item Cost (DoS & Anniversary) Cost (Origins)
Dagger 150 gil 400 gil
Mace 150 gil 500 gil
Axe 100 gil 500 gil
Bow 20 gil 150 gil

Mythril Merchant[]

Item Cost (DoS & Anniversary) Cost (Origins)
Mythril Spear 600 gil 1,500 gil
Mythril Sword 700 gil 1,800 gil
Mythril Axe 700 gil 2,000 gil
Mythril Bow 500 gil 1,000 gil

Armor Shop[]

The armor shop of Poft

Item Cost (DoS & Anniversary) Cost (Origins)
Bronze Shield 150 gil 200 gil
Bronze Helm 150 gil 200 gil
Copper Cuirass 100 gil 200 gil
Bronze Gloves 150 gil 300 gil

Item Shop[]

The item shop of Poft.

Item Cost (DoS & Anniversary) Cost (Origins)
Potion 30 gil 50 gil
Hi-Potion 150 gil 500 gil
Eye Drops 40 gil 100 gil
Antidote 30 gil 200 gil
Cross 50 gil 1,000 gil
Mallet 60 gil 2,000 gil
Maiden's Kiss 500 gil 2,500 gil
Gold Needle 500 gil 2,500 gil
Phoenix Down 500 gil 5,000 gil
Ether 1,000 gil 2,500 gil
Cottage 2,000 gil 5,000 gil
Elixir 50,000 gil 50,000 gil

Magic Shop[]

The magic shop of Poft.

Item Cost (DoS & Anniversary) Cost (Origins)
Cure Tome 100 gil 200 gil
Blink Tome 300 gil 400 gil
Protect Tome 300 gil 400 gil
Shell Tome 300 gil 400 gil

Cid's Airship Ferry[]

Cid's ferry service.

Item Cost (DoS & Anniversary) Cost (Origins)
Bafsk 100 gil 100 gil
Salamand 200 gil 200 gil
Semitt Falls 300 gil 300 gil
Kashuan/Kas'ion 400 gil 400 gil
Gatrea 500 gil N/A
Fynn 600 gil N/A
Altair 700 gil N/A


Outside, before Cyclone[]

Poft on the world map.

Outside, after Cyclone[]

Poft after being destroyed by the Cyclone.

Musical themes[]


The Background Music that plays in Poft is the Final Fantasy II "Town" Theme.