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The Poacher's Den in-game.

Welcome to my shop. What is it that you need?


Poachers' Dens (毛皮骨肉店, Kegawa Kotsuniku Ten?), also known as Poaching Dens, are special locations within some of the towns of Ivalice in Final Fantasy Tactics. Unlike the other town locations (Outfitters, Taverns, and Warriors' Guilds), these only appear in three cities: Dorter, the Warjilis, and the Sal Ghidos.

Poachers' Dens only begin to appear in Chapter 3, and can only be entered if a unit in Ramza's party has the Poach ability equipped. Here, any monsters that have been Poached will be turned into items that can be bought. Poached items are typically far less expensive than their counterparts in the Outfitters. Rare items can also be bought this way. All items sold to the Poachers' Den will remain there as part of its inventory. They can be bought again for the same price as they were sold.

There's also an unused chapter 1 background, hinting that poaching at one point during development was intended to be available right at the start. Poaching only becomes available in chapter 3, so this picture is never used.

All the extra items that were introduced in the PSP version gotten from Melee and Rendezvous; the player will unlock these items upon finishing the game in the iOS version. After the credits have finished rolling, the game will auto-save and all the PSP items will appear in the Poachers' Den.