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Platinum Fist FF7

Platinum Fist in Final Fantasy VII.

Those who fight with their fists seek hard-hitting, light-weight weapons so that it doesn't hamper their speed. Because of this, many smiths go through a great lot of suffering to try and find a way to maintain a melee weapon's power and resiliency, while keeping it as light-weight as possible. This led them to platinum, which offers the hardness needed, but it is very heavy, so it takes a great deal of effort to process them, thus making these fists particularly expensive.

Platinum Fist (プラチナフィスト, Purachina Fisuto?, lit. Platina Fist) is a recurring weapon in the series.


Final Fantasy VIIEdit

Platinum Fist is a mid-ranked weapon for Tifa, providing 30 Attack, 108 Atk%, 7 Magic, and four unlinked Materia slots with double growth. It can be bought found as treasure in Nibelheim before the player obtains the Highwind, and bought from Junon for 2,700 gil after the shops change their stock after the Weapon event.

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

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Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

Platinum Fist (VII)
Rarity 5
Additional stats: Accuracy +95
Unique Soul Break: Burning Arrow (Tifa)

Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit

Platinum Fist is a Fist weapon obtained by crafting it using 2,000 gil, x15 Gaia's Tears, x10 Sparkling Stones, x8 Silver Ores, x5 Mythril Ores, and x1 Gold Ore. It provides 61 ATK.


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