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The Pitterpatter is an enemy in Final Fantasy XIII-2.


Paradigm PackEdit

The Pitterpatter is a Saboteur, however, one may not need it because of its limited skillset.

Monster statsEdit


Ability Level Type Infuse
Deprotect II Initial Command Y
Attack: ATB Charge Initial Passive Y
Resist Curse: +10% 9 Passive Y
Dispel II 20 Command N
Resist Dispel: +10% 32 Passive Y
Resist Fog: +10% 33 Passive Y
Deshell II 34 Command N
Resist Curse: +44% 37 Passive Y
Resist Dispel: +44% 40 Passive Y
Heavy Deprotega 43 Command N
Resist Fog: +44% 44 Passive Y


A pitterpatter is a sound like that of quick light steps or taps. It comes from late Middle English: reduplication (expressing rhythmic repetition) of the verb patter.

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