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If you know your enemy and work out a plan, there is no one in the entire universe whom you need to fear.

Pist Shaz XI

Pist Shaz XI, commonly referred to as Pist, is one of the central antagonists of Final Fantasy: Unlimited and, as such, one of the Lords of Guadium. He is confident and intelligent, able to create intricate plans quickly that take much into account. However, it is usually his certainty in himself that causes his plans to backfire or fail. But in spite of it, Pist is able to survive in liquid form and reform himself.


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He first appears after finishing the creation of his Ocean Puzzle, appearing before the Earl and convinces him to allow him to defeat Kaze. To prove his worth he fights Makenshi, and though he wins, it is hinted that Makenshi let him win for unknown reasons with a silent warning not to underestimate Kaze. Unfazed, Pist implements his plans; using the sand golems in the sands of a desert made from Soil to steal Kaze's Magun.

Mocking Kaze, Pist plans ultimately fail when he attempts to summon "the ultimate summon", but Kaze reveals after the firing failed that only he, or those he wishes to do so, can fire the Magun. Pist survives the encounter, shrugging his defeat to give the Earl the information he learned from Lou Lupus about Omega sighted in Wonderland.

Pist then makes the finishing touches on Ocean Puzzle, trapping the Comodeen's submarine, Jane, within it as he forces the protagonists to endure many trials while gathering the rest of Omega's body parts. When Jane's crew arrives to Teros, Pist personally confronts them with his latest invention, the Blue Ellenium gun which he designed to counter Kaze's summons.

However, taking control of Giga-Phoenix, Pist ended up unintentionally destroying Teros and almost losing the Earl's favor. But later, Pist meets his end when Makenshi converts him to Mist and ironically used him in conjuring a Sword Dragon to destroy the Ocean Puzzle.