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The Piscodemon, also known as the Wizard in the NES version, is an enemy in the original Final Fantasy. It guards Astos' crown, as well as other locations:

  • The space within the lowest left-hand door in the third basement, Marsh Cave.
  • Left side of a chest, found in the second room from the bottom, counting from the left. Marsh Cave, basement 3.
  • Guarding a chest in the lower right hand corner. Marsh Cave, basement 3.

It is a tough enemy when encountered for the first time as its attacks inflict a large amount of damage and it is impossible to escape from. Black Mage that has learned Thundara from the Elfheim Magic Shop can make short work of it, however.


Other appearances[]

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

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Piscodaemons are daemons in Dungeons & Dragons. The term is a combination of Latin piscis (fish) and “demon”.

Wizard is another name for a Magician. Wizards in fantasy literature and RPGs often draw from the fiction of J. R. R. Tolkien, whose Wizards of Middle-earth are a group of beings outwardly resembling Men but possessing much greater physical and mental power. Each Wizard has robes of a characteristic color, Gandalf the Grey being a quintessential example.

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