Piscodaemon is a Rank V Mark in Final Fantasy XII found in the Gate of Fire area of Giruvegan. The hunt becomes available after the storyline events at Giruvegan. Originally Piscodaemon was a nu mou named Ashkroft who became a master of the dark arts and was sealed away by the Gran Kiltias Anastasis, but the seal fades and Ashkroft emerges a demon.

Three of them are also fought alongside a Tyrant in the Zodiac versions' Trial Mode in Stage 55 where the Black Mask can be rarely stolen from them.

Clan Primer[edit | edit source]

Hunt 28: The Black Sorcerer[edit | edit source]

Mark bill.

Petitioner: Ivaness
Petitioner's Location: Mt Bur-Omisace
  • Saw bill posted for the hunting of the Piscodaemon (Rank V). The petitioner is Ivaness on the Temple Grounds on Mt Bur-Omisace.
  • Hunt accepted. Ivaness explains that the Piscodaemon is in fact his twin brother, whose lust for power transformed him into a dark, terrible being. He wants you to destroy him before more damage can be done. The Piscodaemon can be found making for the Gate of Fire in Giruvegan.
  • Piscodaemon defeated! Report to Ivaness on the Temple Grounds on Mt Bur-Omisace.
  • Hunt reported. Ivaness thanks you for striking down his brother lost to darkness.

Bestiary entry[edit | edit source]

Being a Nu Mou Male, fallen into dark, sorcerous Ways, and so banished by the Gran Kiltias Anastasis as Punishment for his (now its) Desire for ultimate Power in Giruvegan. Yet the Strength of the Wards placed upon it failed with the passing of Anastasis, and its Power returned. The Mark's Twin, living on Mt Bur-Omisace, petitioned the hunt for this creature.

Stats[edit | edit source]

AI script[edit | edit source]

BioBefore Mystery Waltz (5%)
After Mystery Waltz (25%)
DarkraBefore Mystery Waltz (5%)
After Mystery Waltz (25%)
DeathUse all battle (5%)
FogUse all battle on opponent with MP >30% (5%)
InvertUse all battle (5%)
PoxUse all battle (5%)
Breakart PentagramUse on Espers (100%)
Pulsar WaveAfter Mystery Waltz (25%)
Hero's MarchUse once after using Soul Etude (100%)
Dark ShockBefore Mystery Waltz (5%)
Soul EtudeHP <20%; use once (100%)
Mystery WaltzUse once after using Hero's March (100%)
0 MPWhen HP <20%
Reduce DamageWhen HP <20%

Battle[edit | edit source]

Some other monsters will join the fight if Piscodaemon is near them. It uses Bio and Darkra, and some of its attacks inflict status ailments, most notably Disable. It uses Breakart Pentagram against Espers, often killing them in one hit. It may buff itself with Hero's March and then use Mystery Waltz to raise its level by 20%. It heals back to full health the first time it hits HP Critical, but the player may avoid this by being quick.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The hunt is easy for a party that has braved Giruvegan and Great Crystal in the story. The player can equip the party with armor that protects against Dark, and accessories that protect against Disable. If the party doesn't have equipment to protect against Dark, they can use Shell/Shellga.

It is best to defeat the enemies around Piscodaemon before focusing on defeating it, since the Vivians' Putrid Breath can be dangerous. A good first move is to dispel the Piscodaemon.

If Reddas is in the party the player can cast Berserk on him along with Haste and Bravery, and he can take Piscodaemon out almost single-handedly.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Piscodaemons are daemons in Dungeons & Dragons. The term is a combination of Latin piscis (fish) and “demon”.

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