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Pirates' Hideout is a location in Final Fantasy V found in Bartz's world. It is the headquarters of Faris Scherwiz and the gang of pirates. It is a cave where the pirates can dock their ship, moved by Syldra. Bartz's chocobo, Boko, spends most of the game here.


Years prior to the events of Final Fantasy V, Sarisa Scherwil Tycoon was lost at sea. She was found by a pirate (who became the grandfather of a future member of her crew). She mispronounced her name as "Farifa", leading the pirate to name her "Faris".[1] Faris eventually became the captain of the pirates after meeting the sea dragon Syldra,[1] who moved their ships and allowed them to sail without wind.

Entrance to the Pirates' Hideout.

At the beginning of Final Fantasy V, the Tycoon Meteorite's landing caused a quake that opened up a path to the hideout.[2][1] Bartz, alongside Lenna Charlotte Tycoon and Galuf Halm Baldesion, found the cove on their way to the Wind Shrine, leaving Boko at the entrance as the party explored the cave. When they reached a clearing, they saw a boat approaching, wondering how it sailed with no wind. After walking further inside the cave, they found out it was a hideout for pirates.

At the hideout's dock, Lenna considered asking for a ride, while Galuf suggested stealing the ship.[2] They snuck through and boarded the ship, but when trying to control the helm, Bartz found the ship would not move. Faris caught the thieves and locked them on the brig, not before Lenna begged for the pirates' help, revealing herself as the princess of Tycoon. During the night, Faris, who had noticed Lenna's pendant and remembered her past as a princess herself, decided to aid the party, and at dawn, joined them and departed for the Wind Shrine.[2]

Boko being injured.

Returning to the Pirates' Hideout later, Bartz noticed Boko's footprints, and the party found an injured Boko within the hideout. The doctor of the pirate crew promised Boko's injury was not serious and that he would be cured soon. After returning in the merged world with Krile Mayer Baldesion, Bartz and Krile discovered Boko had found a mate, Koko, who was pregnant. Bartz took Boko with him to explore the new world. Returning later, after the party was reunited, Syldra's spirit was found in the cave, and obtained as a summon.[1]


The Pirates' Hideout in the merged world.

The Pirates' Hideout is located in a cove on the side of a mountain, northwest of Tycoon. Prior to earthquakes caused by the Tycoon Meteorite, it was concealed.[2][1] There are two entrances: one on the end of a valley northwest of Tycoon, and one in the middle of surrounding mountains (only reachable by airship).

The hideout is located amidst a cove populated by monsters. It has a dock, a few pirate flag decorations, and two rooms: a treasure room containing three treasure chests, and the doctor's room with sick beds and an adjacent table.



Name Location
Leather Cap Cave area
300 gil Pirates' Treasure Room
Tent Pirates' Treasure Room
Ether Pirates' Treasure Room
Potion x8 Talk to Pirate after getting key to Torna Canal


All enemies are found in random encounters in the cave outside the hideout itself. The enemy encounters are the same in Bartz's world as they are in the merged world.


In Bartz's world, the party of three must fight through the cave as a dungeon. The party are entirely Freelancers with no jobs available, meaning no skills can be used. However, the enemies in this dungeon are weak enough that this is not necessary.

Once the party has the Blue Mage job from the wind crystal, they can return to the cave to fight Steel Bats to learn Vampire.

After the player has all party members in the merged world, visiting Pirates' Hideout nets them a new summon: Syldra. The party must get through the cave and entire the hideout itself, and unlike most summons, no bosses need to be fought.

Musical themes[]

The dungeon features two themes: "Dungeon" (ダンジョン, Danjon?) for the first part, and "Pirates Ahoy" (おれたちゃ海賊, Oretacha Kaizoku?) for the pirate base. The latter was reused in the Chocobo Racing Original Soundtrack as "Goblin's Theme". An arrangement of "Pirates Ahoy!" is the background music while exploring the Saronia Docks in World of Final Fantasy, and Faris's pirate ship.


Behind the scenes[]

A pirate in the Pirate's Hideout in the merged world says: "Ughhh... I still be seasick... I'll soon be tastin' the rainbow...".[1] This alludes to the Skittles commercials.