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Pirates' Hideout is a location in Final Fantasy V found in Bartz's World. It is the headquarters of Faris and the gang of pirates. It is a cave where the pirates can dock their ship. Bartz's chocobo, Boko, spends most of the game here.


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Entrance to the Pirates' Hideout.

Bartz, alongside Lenna and Galuf, find a cove on their way to the Wind Shrine. Bartz leaves Boko at the entrance and the party explores the cave. When they reach a clearing, they spot a boat approaching the cave. They wonder how it sails with no wind, and walk further inside the cave and find it is a hideout for pirates.

At the hideout's dock, Lenna decides to "borrow" the ship. They board and try to escape with the ship, but when trying to control the helm, Bartz finds the ship will not move. Faris catches the thieves and locks them on the brig, not before Lenna begs for the pirates' help as the princess of Tycoon. During the night, Faris, who had noticed Lenna's pendant, decides to aid the party, and at dawn, joins the party, that departs for the Wind Shrine.

Boko being injured.

If the party revisits the Pirates' Hideout Bartz will notice Boko's footprints and the party will find an injured Boko within the hideout. The doctor of the pirate crew says Boko's injury is not serious.

The Pirates' Hideout is visited again in the Merged World. Bartz and Krile find Boko and his mate, Koko, who is pregnant. Bartz takes Boko with him to explore the new world and later, after the party is reunited, Syldra's spirit can be found in the cave, and obtained as a summon.

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Syldra summon[]

After the player has all party members in the Merged World, visiting Pirates' Hideout nets them a new summon: Syldra.


The Pirates' Hideout in the Merged World.

Name Location
Leather Cap Cave area
300 gil Pirates' Treasure Room
Tent Pirates' Treasure Room
Ether Pirates' Treasure Room
Potion x8 Talk to Pirate after getting key to Torna Canal


Musical themes[]

"Pirates Ahoy" from Final Fantasy V

The dungeon features two themes: "Dungeon" (ダンジョン, Danjon?) for the first part, and "Pirates Ahoy" (おれたちゃ海賊, Oretacha Kaizoku?) for the pirate base. The latter was reused in the Chocobo Racing Original Soundtrack as "Goblin's Theme". An arrangement of "Pirates Ahoy!" is the background music while exploring the Saronia Docks in World of Final Fantasy, and Faris's pirate ship.



A pirate in the Pirate's Hideout in the Merged World says: "[...] I'll soon be tastin' the rainbow...". This alludes to the Skittles commercials. Another pirate in the Hideout sings "Yar har, fiddle-de-dee," which might be a reference to the kids' show LazyTown, where a song involving these lyrics, titled "You Are a Pirate", was sung in one episode.