The Pirate is an enemy in the original Final Fantasy fought in Pravoka, where the pirate Bikke challenges the player's party to a fight over the freedom of the city, summoning nine of his fellow pirates. When defeated, Bikke will give the player's party his ship, which can then be used to travel to Elfheim and continue their journey.

The Pirates come in great numbers, but at this point of the game, they should be a pushover. They have low HP, so, if the party has a level 2 magic (bought in Pravoka), it can be used to damage all the pirates at once. The Sleep spell can be used for advantage if the number of Pirates is overwhelming.

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A pirate is a person who commits warlike acts at sea without the authorization of any nation.

In Japanese, this enemy is called 海賊, kaizoku, meaning "sea bandit", and is the primary Japanese term for "pirate" in that sense. The similar palette-swapped enemy Buccaneer is called パイレーツ, pairētsu, which is taken from the English word "pirate", and is used as a more exotic-sounding synonym of the same concept. This has posed issues in translating these two enemy terms into English. The 1990 NES version addressed this by swapping the terms in translation, with kaizoku becoming "Pirate" and pairētsu becoming "Kyzoku" (a phonetic spelling of kaizoku). Later translations have continued translating kaizoku as "Pirate", but pairētsu is since become "Buccaneer" or "Privateer", which are more flowery terms for "pirate" in English, and this keeps with the spirit of the Japanese naming pattern.

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