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Shadow Tall.

SKY PIRATES know countless tricks to make the money of many into the wealth of one.


Piracy is the skillset of the Sky Pirate job for Vaan from Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift.

List of abilities[]

Skill Equipment Range AP
Trophy Hunt Harpe Weapon range 300
A weak attack that nonetheless yields the highest level loot should it fell the target.
Shadow Stalk Mastered Weapon range
Strike at your target from the shadows. Bypasses reaction abilities.
Salvage Mastered 1
Disarm traps surrounding the unit. Any traps disarmed in the process yield loot.
Life of Crime Ebon Blade 1 300
For sky pirates, crime pays. Deals damage based on the number of times the unit has used the Steal command.
Steal Mastered 1
Steal target's items, gil, or loot.
Swipe Manganese Saber 1 300
Pick the target's pocket with blinding speed. Steals a large quantity of gil.
Razor's Edge Mastered Self
Place the unit in a heightened state of awareness. Raises EVASION.
Flee Adamant Blade Self 300
Enable the unit to flee its attacker by boosting MOVE and JUMP.