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The Pink Lily is an enemy in Final Fantasy XIII-2, one of several seeming animal-vegetable hybrids with the designation of Militarized Unit. As did its kin in the previous game (Aster Protoflorian), it can shift its elemental resistances during battle.




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Paradigm PackEdit

A tamed Pink Lily is one of the best infusion sources of Chain Bonus Boost II, an enhancement of the Ravager's primary function. Since Chain Bonus II is a Rank 6 Passive ability, apt to be replaced by the likes of Auto-Vigilance (Rank 8), Resilience +40% (Rank 8), Resist Physical +36% (Rank 7), Auto-Faith (Rank 7) or Resist Elements +30% (Rank 9), it may need to be yellow-locked by infusing a second Pink Lily, if the target monster does not have Chain Bonus I or II. Blue Chocobo, for example, has Chain Bonus Boost already, so merely infusing Pink Lily both gives the Blue Chocobo level II and yellow locks it.

This monster ally comes with a built-in defense against elements that is better than Auto-Shell in the amount of protection (except against the rare enemy Ruin or Saboteur attacks), permanent instead of 30 seconds, and does not take up a Passive ability slot. Unfortunately this also means it cannot be infused.

Monster statsEdit


Ability Level Type Infuse
Resist Elements: +5% Initial Passive N
Fire Initial Command Y
Blizzard Initial Command Y
Thunder Initial Command Y
Aero Initial Command Y
Overwhelm 4 Auto Y
Blizzara 10 Command Y
Thundara 14 Command Y
Resist Elements: +20% 16 Passive Y
Aerora 18 Command Y
Fira 20 Command Y
Chain Bonus Boost II 30 Passive Y
Flamestrike 34 Command N
Froststrike 37 Command N
Sparkstrike 38 Command N

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