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There are two pincer attack glitches in Final Fantasy VI.

Pincer attack glitch[]

Normally, during a pincer attack, rows become unavailable (there are no rows for the party), but if a player selects the Row command, not only does it force the player's party to turn around, but oddly enough, as everyone is considered to be in the front row, it switches their rows to back row, even though there is no row. In essence, this allows the player to reduce damage done during pincer attacks. There is a bugfix patch that players can use to fix it on the SNES version.

Single enemy pincer bug[]

A single Oceanus and a single Level 90 Magic can both pincer attack the player's party. Almost all monster formations for single enemies have the pincer attacks disabled in the data, or have a forced front, back, or side attack, but these two slipped through. Curiously, they do have back attack disabled. This bug was fixed for the European Finest Fantasy for Advance release.