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The second Pillar of Sky in Final World.

Pillar of Sky are multiple locations in Final Fantasy Legend II. The Pillar of Sky are holding the Celestial World, and if the pillars in each world become unstable, the World may be torn to pieces.

The pillars are used by the party to travel from one world to another by traversing the Celestial World, which connects to each of the game's independent worlds through the Pillar of Sky.

The item shop, weapon shop, and inn from Guardian's Town all have been relocated into Monster World's Pillar of Sky after the assault on Guardian's Base.


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The party comes across Apollo at the base of the second Pillar of Sky on Final World. He greets them, telling them that he knows the party has seventy-six MAGI and he has the seventy-seventh one right in his hands which happens to be a Defense MAGI. Either he or the party will get it all. The main character tells Apollo that s/he changed his/her mind, and tells him s/he's not going to let him have them. Apollo sends his Minion to battle the party.

After the battle, Apollo sees that the party is strong, and shows them that he has captured Taro and Hana, Lynn and Ki, Flora and Leon. He ask the party what they are going to do, hand over the MAGI, or forsake their friends. The main character realizes that Apollo meant to do this from the very beginning, and hands over all the seventy-six MAGI.

Apollo ask them if they wish to live as servants of Apollo, the only god. The main character refuse and tells Apollo that he can't use those MAGI because it'll ruin the whole world. Apollo laughs it off saying that it's a rumor that the Guardians made up. He tells them that he'll become a real god with these MAGI and create his own world before leaving the area.

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Name Cost
FFLII Boot Icon.pngHermes 6,800 GP
FFLII Armor Icon.pngGold 10,000 GP
FFLII Staff Icon.pngHeal 17,000 GP
FFLII Potion Icon.pngCurse 300 GP
FFLII Potion Icon.pngX-Cure 300 GP
FFLII Potion Icon.pngEyeDrop 200 GP
FFLII Potion Icon.pngSoft 1,000 GP
FFLII Potion Icon.pngCure 50 GP


Name Cost
FFLII Whip Icon.pngBlitz 6,800 GP
FFLII Gun Icon.pngMusket 8,000 GP
FFLII Sword Icon.pngGold 11,000 GP
FFLII Sword Icon.pngLaser 11,000 GP
Sypha 11,000 GP
Grenade 11,000 GP
Coin 11,000 GP
FFLII Book Icon.pngStone 11,000 GP