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Pilika is a non-player character from Final Fantasy XII. She is a moogle who works at the moogle-operated Technicks shop called Clio's Technicks at Bhujerba.



Pilika is a hunt petitioner. A moogle with a yellow pom-pom dressed in blue, she is a long-time friend of Montblanc, noting it always pays to have friends.


She loves animals and keeps a set of unusual pets. Her workplace does not allow pets in the store, but she managed to smuggle a few. One of them is a Rocktoise, whom she named Carbo, and the other is a snake named Bianca. When Carbo disappeared, Pilika attempted to find him, but could not.

Then she heard a rumor of a large Rocktoise menacing in the Lhusu Mines she knew it was her Carbo. Afraid she might get lost in the mines, Pilika petitions for a hunt through her friend Montblanc.

Pilika's diary[]

After receiving the hunt reward from Pilika, the player can go on a quest to find Pilika's Diary. After receiving the bounty for the Rocktoise hunt, Pilika asks the party to retrieve her diary from the second floor of the Technicks Shop and gives a Merchant's Armband that must be worn to access the second floor.

Pilika's Diary is in the large bookcase on the wall. When giving the moogle her diary back, she asks if the player read it. In the original PlayStation 2 version, answering "Read it", Pilika will reward the party with a Kilimweave Shirt, but answering "I've done nothing" nets a Shepherd's Bolero, the slightly better reward. It does not matter if the answer is truthful. In the Zodiac versions the rewards have been changed to a Bangle and a Jade Collar, respectively.

If the player chooses to read the diary, the camera will pan up, showing Bianca lurking above the bookcase.