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A strangely endearing monster that resembles a domestic pig. Unlike a normal pig, however, it walks on two feet.


Pigs in Final Fantasy Tactics are bipedal hog monsters who are more of a gag than actual threats. However, they are not totally harmless, as they possess a multitude of status effect-inflicting abilities and are even capable of reviving dead units. All of their stats are inferior to any other monster, except for their evasion. Pigs tend to spend most of the battle retreating to a corner, away from the players' units. Their abilities' namesakes are quite hilarious, and can cause several status effects. However, their fragility makes them impractical pawns in battle. The main use of Pig monster is to poach them, as they all provide rare and invaluably useful items.


Rank I
Pig (Uribo)

Pigs don't appear very often, and have no real effect on the battle. They can replace a Red Chocobo in a main mission, a situation advantageous to the player.

Rank II
Swine (Porky)

Swine are even rarer than Pigs. Note their second ability and its effect.

Rank III
Wild Boar (Wildbow)

Wild Boars can only be obtained by capturing a Pig or a Swine and breeding them. Their "Bequeath Bacon" ability can help units level up by sacrificing the pig, but rebreeding the Wild Boars is too time-consuming for this tactic to be of any use. However, in The War of The Lions if you are training the Onion Knight, feeding them with the Wild Boars is the only way to level them up. This ability cannot be used to level up Onion Knights in the iOS version of the game, but it can be used to unlock jobs more quickly.

Despite their name, Wild Boars never appear in the wild, but only through breeding.


Monster Move Jump Phy. Evasion Rate Innate Abilities Common Poach Rare Poach
Pig 3 3 42% Cannot enter water, Counter Maiden's Kiss Cachusha
Swine 3 3 36% Cannot enter water, Counter Chantage Nagnarok
Wild Boar 3 3 39% Cannot enter water, Counter Ribbon Fallingstar Bag


The damage formula for Reckless Charge is as follows:

The formula for the success of Squeak is as follows:

The formula for the success of Snort is as follows:

Ability Pig Swine Wild Boar Range Effect Vertical
Reckless Charge Yes Yes Yes 1 1 0
Run at the target at full tilt, crashing into them.
Squeak No* No No 1 1 1
Use a fierce cry to summon KO'd units from the brink of death and restore their HP.
Removes: KO.
Toot No Yes No 1 1 1
Inflict status effects with an eye-watering miasma.
Effect: Confuse, Sleep.
Snort No No* Yes 1 1 1
Mesmerize the target with a ferocious snort.
Effect: Charm.
Bequeath Bacon No No No* 1 1 1
The ultimate act of porcine altruism.

*Abilities can be learned by this race when a unit with the "Beastmaster" support ability is nearby.