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Piet is a non-player character in Final Fantasy VIII. He is the head researcher onboard Esthar's Lunar Base. He acts as Squall's guide on the base. Piet has blond hair, a long a white coat and gray trousers.


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As Squall arrives on the Lunar Base, Piet greets him personally. Guiding them to the medical lab and assuring that Rinoa will be taken care of, he brings Squall to the base's control room where the beginnings of the Lunar Cry can be observed.

When Rinoa becomes possessed by Ultimecia, Piet is unable to deter her and is forced to watch her deactivate the seals holding Sorceress Adel at bay. As the Lunar Base is about to be engulfed by the Lunar Cry, Piet orders the facility's evacuation. Among the last to leave, he escapes with Squall and Ellone onboard an escape pod. Piet fruitlessly tries to stop Squall from leaving the pod to try and rescue Rinoa who is drifting in space.

Piet is later found in the escape pod's crash site on the Abadan Plains, having been unable help Ellone whom Galbadian forces have come to take away. With the space station gone, he's left unemployed.

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Triple Triad[]


Piet possesses the rare Alexander card for Triple Triad, which can be won off him onboard the Lunar Base or in the Lunar Crash Site in the Abadan Plains. He plays with the Lunar region rules, making playing against him especially challenging.



Piet is named after Admiral Firmus Piett, an Imperial officer from the Star Wars movies. 'Piet' is a common, yet old-fashioned, Dutch first name.