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Reflect-Null in action in Final Fantasy IX Remastered.

Allows one to bypass reflect when casting magic.

Piercing Magic (リフレク貫通, Rifureku Kantsū?), also known as Reflect-Null, Pierce, Ignore Reflect, Bypass Reflect, and Piercing, is a recurring ability in the series. It allows a spell-casting character's spells to penetrate the Reflect status and avoid being deflected.


Final Fantasy IV[]

Piercing Magic is an augment available in 3D remakes that can be found in the Feymarch.

Final Fantasy IX[]

Reflect-Null is a support ability learned by Vivi, Eiko, and Dagger. It can be learned from the Robe of Lords and Pearl Rouge, and requires 7 Magic Stones to equip. Mastering this ability requires 30 AP for Vivi, 45 AP for Dagger, and 55 AP for Eiko.

Final Fantasy X-2[]

Piercing Magic is an auto-ability on the Shining Mirror Garment Grid. The player obtains this Garment Grid by siding with New Yevon and then defeating Elma on Mushroom Rock Road.

In the International and HD Remaster versions, Piercing Magic is an auto-ability of Yuna's Festivalist dressphere. It requires mastering Silenceproof and takes 30 AP to master.

Final Fantasy XII[]

Ignore Reflect is an enemy augment usable by Gnoma Entite, Mardu Entite, Water Chaosjet, Dead Bones, Salamand Entite, Lich, Sylphi Entite, Sylphi Entite, Necrofiend, Ice Azer, Nightwalker, Ghast, Crystalbug (red), Crystalbug (blue), Crystalbug (green), Clay Golem, Fire Chaosjet, Pumpkin Head, Air Chaosjet, Earth Chaosjet, Mu, Ose, Skulwyrm, Gargoyle Baron, Necrophobe, Diakon Entite, Magick Pot, Dragon Lich, Brainpan, Mistmare, Undin Entite, Bogey, Adamantitan, Emeralditan, Leamonde Entite, (Babil), Elvoret, Wraith, Darksteel, Piscodaemon, Feral Retriever, Mindflayer, Gil Snapper, Behemoth King, Shadowseer, Yiazmat, Exodus, Chaos, Cúchulainn, Zalera, Shemhazai, Zeromus, Adrammelech, Hashmal, Ultima, Mateus, Zodiark, Demon Wall (Outer), Hell Wyrm, Omega Mark XII, Aspidochelon, Thalassinon, Vishno, Melt, Crypt Bunny, Cultsworn Lich, Vorres, Larva Eater, Tower, Arioch, Luxollid, Vagrant Soul, Disma, Pallicant, Imperial Beastmaster, Spinner-Rook, Sphere-Rook, and Helm-Rook. It allows the enemy's magic to ignore the Reflect status.

Playable characters can equip the Opal Ring accessory to pierce through the Reflect status. Similarly, some enemies have piercing versions of regular spells, such as Piercing Firaga and Piercing Thundaga, that also null the status.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift[]

Pierce is an ability that is learned by the Arcanist class for 200 AP from the Red Robe. Spells cast by the user are unaffected by Reflect.

World of Final Fantasy[]

Bypass Reflect is a passive ability that allows one to bypass reflect when casting magic. It can be used by Carbuncle, Einhänder, and Largebuncle.