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Pictlogica Final Fantasy was a free-to-play action puzzle game developed by Jupiter for iOS and Android. A Nintendo 3DS version, Pictlogica Final Fantasy ≒ (ピクトロジカ ファイナルファンタジー ≒, Pikutorojika Fainaru Fantajī Niarī Ikōru?, lit. Pictlogica Final Fantasy Nearly Equal), was announced and released in Japan on July 12, 2017, featuring new puzzles and a new game mode.[2] In September 2018, Square Enix announced that the game's online services would be shut down on November 30 and that the game will later be replaced by a version that is playable offline.[1] It has been delisted from all app stores as of Spring 2019.


The gameplay mixes RPG elements with dot logic puzzles. The player controls a party of four, plus one optional friend, as they battle their way through waves of enemies while solving puzzles. There is a 5x5 plane on the bottom of the screen. The quicker the player solves the puzzle, the faster the limit gauge grows.[3]

A feature of co-op play appears, wherein players can choose the assistance of another player during battle as the fifth character of the party. Afterwards, the player can choose to add the person as a friend.

Many music tracks from a variety of games within the Final Fantasy series are featured.


Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII event[]

On November 17, 2013, a special event appeared.[4]

Final Fantasy XI event[]

A collaboration event ran from November 25, 2014 to Tuesday, December 9, 2014. During that period, players of Final Fantasy XI could obtain unique pieces of furnishing that depict famous NPCs from the game in retro-style pixel art. New memoria were introduced in Pictlogica Final Fantasy.


Tracks from several games in the Final Fantasy series appear. Quests featuring content from specific installments often use musical themes from their respective games.

The following tracks recur throughout the game:

Behind the scenes[]

While unknown when or how, the iOS version of Pictlogica Final Fantasy was also published to a number of regions outside Japan and was never localized for the entirety of its existence. The time also had to be set to JST in order to play properly. This is likely an oversight, and is one which has not been repeated to the present day.



Pictlogica is a combination of "pict" and "logica". "Pict" is from Latin Pictus, which is superficially from pictus ("painted one"). "Logica" from Logicus, Latin for "logical".

The symbol means "approximately equal to."

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