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Piano Opera Final Fantasy IV/V/VI is a piano arrangement album of music from Final Fantasies IV, V and VI. The music is arranged and performed by Hiroyuki Nakayama and overseen by the famed series composer Nobuo Uematsu.

Track list[]

  1. Main Theme of Final Fantasy IV [FINAL FANTASY IV] — 3:52
    (ファイナルファンタジーIVメインテーマ 【FINAL FANTASY IV】, Fainaru Fantajī IV Mein Tēma?)
  2. Sorrows of Parting [FINAL FANTASY V] — 3:28
    (離愁 【FINAL FANTASY V】, Rishū?)
  3. Protect the Espers! [FINAL FANTASY VI] — 3:04
    (幻獣を守れ! 【FINAL FANTASY VI】, Genjū o Mamore!?)
  4. Red Wings ~ Kingdom Baron [FINAL FANTASY IV] — 4:09
    (赤い翼~パロン王国 【FINAL FANTASY IV】, Akai tsubasa ~ Baron Ōkoku?)
  5. Searching for Friends [FINAL FANTASY VI] — 3:51
    (仲間を求めて 【FINAL FANTASY VI】, Nakama o Motomete?)
  6. Home, Sweet Home [FINAL FANTASY V] — 3:22
    (はるかなる故郷 【FINAL FANTASY V】, Haruka Naru Furusato?)
  7. Kefka [FINAL FANTASY VI] — 2:53
    (魔導師ケフカ 【FINAL FANTASY VI】, Madōshi Kefuka?)
  8. Theme of Love [FINAL FANTASY IV] — 3:43
    (愛のテーマ 【FINAL FANTASY IV】, Ai no Tēma?)
  9. Main Theme of Final Fantasy V [FINAL FANTASY V] — 3:26
    (ファイナルファンタジーVメインテーマ 【FINAL FANTASY V】, Fainaru Fantajī Faibu Mein Tēma?)
  10. Clash on the Big Bridge [FINAL FANTASY V] — 3:12
    (ビッグブリッヂの死闘 【FINAL FANTASY V】, Biggu Burijji no Shitō?)
  11. Dancing Mad [FINAL FANTASY VI] — 10:42
    (妖星乱舞 【FINAL FANTASY VI】, Yōsei Ranbu?)
  12. Troian Beauty [FINAL FANTASY IV] — 3:15
    (トロイア国【FINAL FANTASY IV】, Toroia Kuni?)

Sheet music[]


Published by Yamaha Music Media, the sheet music book for the album contains solo piano arrangements for all 12 pieces. It has 72 pages and the difficulty is intermediate to advanced. The book uses standard music notation, but the text—including the title of each piece—is in Japanese.

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