Piano Opera Final Fantasy I/II/III is a piano arrangement album of music from Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy III. The music is arranged by Hiroyuki Nakayama and overseen by the famed series composer Nobuo Uematsu. It has been released on February 29, 2012 by Square Enix.

Track list[edit | edit source]

  1. "Prelude ~ Opening [FINAL FANTASY]" (プレリュード ~ オープニング [FINAL FANTASY], Pureryūdo ~ Ōpuningu [FINAL FANTASY]?)
  2. "Main Theme [FINAL FANTASY]" (メイン・テーマ [FINAL FANTASY], Mein Tēma [FINAL FANTASY]?)
  3. "Town Medley [FINAL FANTASY I/II/III]" (街メドレー [FINAL FANTASY I/II/III], Machi Medorē [FINAL FANTASY I/II/III]?)
  4. "Gurgu Volcano [FINAL FANTASY]" (グルグ火山 [FINAL FANTASY], Gurugu Kazan [FINAL FANTASY]?)
  5. "Matoya's Cave [FINAL FANTASY]" (マトーヤの洞窟 [FINAL FANTASY], Matōya no Dōkutsu [FINAL FANTASY]?)
  6. "Main Theme [FINAL FANTASY II]" (メインテーマ [FINAL FANTASY II], Mein Tēma [FINAL FANTASY II]?)
  7. "Rebel Army Theme [FINAL FANTASY II]" (反乱軍のテーマ [FINAL FANTASY II], Hanrangun no Tēma [FINAL FANTASY II]?)
  8. "Tower of the Magi [FINAL FANTASY II]" (魔導士の塔 [FINAL FANTASY II], Madōushi no Tō [FINAL FANTASY II]?)
  9. "Battle Medley [FINAL FANTASY I/II/III]" ((バトルメドレー [FINAL FANTASY I/II/III], Batoru Medorē [FINAL FANTASY I/II/III]?)
  10. "The Boundless Ocean [FINAL FANTASY III]" (果てしなき大海原 [FINAL FANTASY III], Hateshinaki Ōunabara [FINAL FANTASY III]?)
  11. "Into the Crystal Cave [FINAL FANTASY III]" (クリスタルのある洞窟 [FINAL FANTASY III], Kurisutaru no aru Dōkutsu [FINAL FANTASY III]?)
  12. "Eternal Wind [FINAL FANTASY III]" (悠久の風 [FINAL FANTASY III], Yūkyū no Kaze [FINAL FANTASY III]?)
  13. "This is the Last Battle [FINAL FANTASY III]" (最後の死闘 [FINAL FANTASY III], Saigo no Shitō [FINAL FANTASY III]?)

Sheet music[edit | edit source]


Published by Yamaha Music Media, the sheet music book for the album contains solo piano arrangements for all 13 pieces. It has 72 pages and the difficulty is intermediate to advanced. The book uses standard music notation, but the text—including the title of each piece—is in Japanese.

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