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Yoko Shimomura, the main composer of FINAL FANTASY XV, has returned to produce this album, carefully selecting songs best suited as piano pieces and supervising the entire production! When composing songs, Shimomura is always mindful of the piano melodies which are further refined in these beautiful arrangements.

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Piano Collections Final Fantasy XV: Moonlit Melodies is an album featuring piano arranged tracks from Final Fantasy XV by Yoko Shimomura. The cover of Noctis Lucis Caelum and Lunafreya Nox Fleuret on a moonlit night was made by Yuuki Matsuzawa and is based on a idea by Yoko Shimomura.[1]

The back of the album has a piano with a photo of the party in front of the Regalia, reminiscent of the part where the player can choose their final photo from their saved photos in the game. Yoko Shimomura suggested the cover designer Yuki Matsuzawa include a "rare version" where, for example, one in every hundred copies would feature a photo of Cindy doing a silly pose. Matsuzawa thought it would be hilarious, but rejected the idea.[2]

Track list[]

  1. Dreaming of the Dawn - Somnus — 4:13
    (晦の夜の夢 - Somnus -, Miso no Yoru no Yume - Somnus -?)
    • Piano: Duke of Pianeet
  2. Of Bygone Days - Sorrow Without Solace — 4:51
    (遠ざかる日々のこと - Sorrow Without Solace -, Touzakaru Hibi no Koto - Sorrow Without Solace -?)
    • Piano: Yukari Arai
  3. Waltzing amid Moonbeams - Valse di Fantastica — 3:26
    (月華の円舞曲 - Valse di Fantastica -, Gekka no Enbukyoku - Valse di Fantastica -?)
    • Piano: Duke of Pianeet
  4. Illusions of the Morn - Stand Your Ground — 4:11
    (曉の幻影 - Stand Your Ground -, Akatsuki no Genei - Stand Your Ground -?)
    • Piano: Hiroyuki Nakayama
  5. Blest Be the Moonlight - Luna — 3:50
    (月夜に謳う君 - LUNA -, Tsukiyo ni Utau Kimi - LUNA -?)
    • Piano: Duke of Pianeet
  6. Drunk on Darkness - Veiled in Black — 3:46
    (闇に染む饗宴 - Veiled in Black -, Yami ni Shimu Kyouen - Veiled in Black -?)
    • Piano: Takaya Sano
  7. In Celestial Circles - Starlit Waltz — 3:14
    (綺羅星円舞曲 - Starlit Waltz -, Kiraboshi Enbukyoku - Starlit Waltz -?)
    • Piano: Yukari Arai
  8. Serenade Fantastique for Piano - Noctis — 4:34
    (ピアノのための幻想的夜曲 - NOCTIS -, Piano no Tame no Gensou teki Yakyoku - NOCTIS -?)
    • Piano: Takaya Sano
  9. Rulings and Revelations - Omnis Lacrima — 3:53
    (裁きと啓示 - OMNIS LACRIMA -, Sabaki to Keiji - OMNIS LACRIMA -?)
    • Piano: Duke of Pianeet
  10. Shadows Foretold - Apocalypsis Noctis — 2:22
    (漆黒の黙示録 - APOCALYPSIS NOCTIS -, Shikkoku no Mokushiroku - APOCALYPSIS NOCTIS -?)
    • Piano: Hiroyuki Nakayama


Sheet music[]

Book cover.

Published by Yamaha Music Media, the Final Fantasy XV Piano Collections Sheet Music book contains the sheet music for piano arrangements on the Piano Collections Final Fantasy XV: Moonlit Melodies album. The pieces are arranged for solo piano and the difficulty level is from intermediary to advanced.


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