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Among the highest priorities was to stay away from recording the same music, this time on the piano. At the same time, there are comparatively few tracks that display dramatic changes from the source material. Bringing out subtle properties of the in-game melodies and making them more distinct turned out to be a central focus this time around.

Masashi Hamauzu on Piano Collections: Final Fantasy XIII.


Piano Collections: Final Fantasy XIII is an album released on July 21, 2010, featuring piano arranged tracks from Final Fantasy XIII by Masashi Hamauzu, and performed by Aki Kuroda, who also performed the Piano Collections: Final Fantasy X in 2002.

Track list

  1. ("ライトニングのテーマ - 閃光", Raitoningu no Tēma - Senkō?) - 3:43
    "Lightning's Theme ~ Blinded By Light"
  2. ("FINAL FANTASY XIII ~誓い~ - サンレス水郷, Chikai - Sanresu-suigō?) - 4:46
    "FINAL FANTASY XIII - The Promise ~ The Sunleth Waterscape"
  3. ("ドレッドノート大爆進", Doreddonōto Daibakushin?) - 3:18
    "March of the Dreadnoughts"
  4. ("ガプラ樹林", Gapura Jurin?) - 4:36
    The Gapra Whitewood
  5. ("歓楽都市ノーチラス", Kanraku Toshi Nōchirasu?) - 6:12
  6. ("ヴァニラのテーマ - 優しい思い出 - 帰郷", Vanira no Tēma - Yasashī Omoide - Kikyō?) - 4:37
    "Vanille's Theme ~ Memories of Happier Days ~ The Road Home"
  7. ("生誕のレクイエム", Seitan no Rekuiemu?) - 4:03
    "Nascent Requiem"
  8. ("ファングのテーマ", Fangu no Tēma?) - 3:53
    "Fang's Theme"
  9. ("回想 ~「スーリヤ湖」のモチーフによる~", Kaisō ~[Sūriya Mizūmi] no mochīfu ni yoru?) - 5:16
    "Reminiscence - Sulyya Springs Motif"
  10. ("FINAL FANTASY XIII プレリュード FULL VERSION", Pureryūdo?) - 4:45
    "Prelude to FINAL FANTASY XIII Full Version"

Sheet music

Book cover.

Published by Yamaha Music Media, the Final Fantasy XIII Piano Collections Sheet Music book contains the sheet music for Masashi Hamauzu's piano arrangements on the Piano Collections: Final Fantasy XIII album. The pieces are arranged for solo piano and the difficulty level is from intermediary to advanced.

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