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Piano Collections: Final Fantasy V is a piano arranged album of tracks from Final Fantasy V, performed by Toshiyuki Mori. The original release contains a hardcover book with piano scores, notes for each piece, and black and white drawings by Yoshitaka Amano.

Track list[]

  1. A Presentiment — 4:31
    (オープニング, Ōpuningu?, lit. Opening Theme)
  2. Tenderness in the Air — 4:09
    (街のテーマ, Machi no Tēma?, lit. Town theme)
  3. Harvest — 2:33
    (ハーヴェスト, Hāvuesuto?)
  4. Ahead on our Way — 3:08
    (ファイナルファンタジーV メインテーマ, Fainaru Fantajī V mein Tēma?, lit. Fainaru Fantajī Faibu Mein Tēma)
  5. Critter Tripper Fritter?! — 2:38
    (モーグリのテーマ, Mōguri no Tēma?, lit. Moogles' Theme)
  6. Home, Sweet Home — 3:43
    (はるかなる故郷, Harukanaru Furusato?)
  7. Mambo de Chocobo — 2:41
    (マンボdeチョコボ, Manbo de Chokobo?)
  8. Lenna's Theme — 2:52
    (レナのテーマ, Rena no Tēma?)
  9. Music Box — 3:01
    (思い出のオルゴール, Omoide no Orugōru?)
  10. Battle with Gilgamesh — 3:48
    (ビッグブリッヂの死闘, Biggu Buriddji no Shitō?, lit. Clash on the Big Bridge)
  11. Waltz Clavier — 2:59
    (タイクーン円舞曲へ長調, Taikūn Enbukyoku e Chōchō?)
  12. Dear Friends — 5:07
    (親愛なる友へ, Shin'ainaru Tomo e?)
  13. The New Origin — 5:24
    (エンドタイトル, Endo Taitoru?, lit. Ending Theme)

Sheet music[]

Original cover.

The original release included a hard-cover piano score containing the entire contents of the album. In subsequent releases the two have been published separately. Published by NTT Publishing, the book contains Shiro Satou's solo piano arrangements from the Piano Collections: Final Fantasy V album. The difficulty level is beginner to intermediate. Most of the text is in Japanese, but song titles have English translations.

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