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Piano Collections: Final Fantasy IV is an album of arranged piano tracks of songs from Final Fantasy IV, performed by Toshiyuki Mori. The original release included a hardcover book with piano scores, notes for each piece, and black and white drawings by Yoshitaka Amano.

Track list[]

  1. Prelude — 3:38
    (プレリュード, Pureryūdo?)
  2. Theme of Love — 3:59
    (愛のテーマ, Ai no Tēma?)
  3. Prologue... — 3:09
    (オープニング, Ōpuningu?, lit. Opening)
  4. Welcome to Our Town! — 3:07
    (街のテーマ, Machi no Tēma?, lit. Town Theme)
  5. Main Theme of FINAL FANTASY IV — 3:24
    (ファイナルファンタジーIV メインテーマ, Fainaru Fantajī IV Mein Tēma?)
  6. Chocobo-Chocobo — 2:52
    (チョコボ, Chokobo?, lit. Chocobo)
  7. Into the Darkness — 4:58
    (ダンジョン, Danjon?, lit. Dungeon)
  8. Rydia — 3:21
    (少女リディア, Shōjo Ridia?, lit. Little Girl Rydia)
  9. Melody of Lute — 3:39
    (ギルバートのリュート, Girubāto no Ryūto?, lit. Gilbart's Lute)
  10. Golbez, Clad in the Dark — 3:36
    (黒い甲冑ゴルベーザ, Kuroi Kacchū Gorubēza?, lit. Black-armored Golbeza)
  11. Troian Beauty — 3:25
    (トロイア国, Toroia-koku?, lit. Troia Country)
  12. The Battle — 6:49
    (バトルメドレー, [missing rōmaji]?)
    Battle 1
    Battle 2
    Battle With the Four Fiends
    The Final Battle
  13. Epilogue — 7:21
    (エンディングテーマ, [missing rōmaji]?)
  14. Theme of Love (ensemble) — 4:07
    (愛のテーマ アンサンブル, [missing rōmaji]?)

Sheet music[]

Original release cover.

The original and first rerelease included a hard-cover piano score containing the entire contents of the CD. For subsequent releases the sheet music has been published separately, although the newer releases of the sheet music book don't include "Theme of Love," because it wasn't arranged for solo piano.

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