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Physalis or Physalis of the Pi Star is a major supporting character in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius debuting late into Season Two. She is a member of the Orders ranking sixteenth in the organization's hierarchy. She's also obtainable via Rare Summon.



Physalis is a girl with fair skin and long blond hair. She wears a blue suit with a short skirt and black thighs that cover most of her legs. In combat she uses a pair of technological goggles and a rifle with several black accessories likely to support the use of her weapon.


Physalis is an upbeat, cheerful and energetic girl with several peculiar quirks. She's casual even to her enemies, and unlike most of her comrades, doesn't kill her foes, only beating them down. She shows concern for them that is highly unusual among the ranks of Aldore, such as allowing them to be healed or even worried that prison conditions may endanger their health. Physalis is both an honorable warrior and a confident person as she believes herself to be the strongest, a claim that is not rooted in arrogance as she is much stronger than her rank implies. She dislikes talking about her rank thinking people will look down on her for it.

Physalis has a childish curiosity for the people that interest her and persists in her efforts to get to know them better. She has a strong sense of right from wrong despite of her duties, and does not mince her words, which can lead to awkward situations. Her antics are contrasted by her partner Moog who has to play the straight man. She tends to throw him away whenever he says something that embarrasses her. She also has a strong curiosity about Lasswell, respecting his strength and world views, encouraging him on his path despite his lineage.

Physalis loves to take showers.



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Physalis has lineage from both Aldore and Hess, which is considered unusual as the groups are at severe odds and their blood activation tends to repel one another. Because of her origins and the fact she could awaken to her blood powers, she was feared in her hometown ever since her early childhood and was frequently picked on and mistreated by other childs her age, despite her many attempts at befriending others which ended in failure although never quite losing the drive to keep trying.

In one such day she encountered her eventual partner Moog, a lone Moogle who was traveling alone and since the two could be "alone together" they became friends quickly. Before she could invite Moog to her home, a pack of monsters assaulted her fellow townspeople, which she repelled by activating her powers by awakening her blood. This frightened the people who demanded she left the town. Physalis obeyed so as to not bother them anymore and so Physalis and Moog stuck around for the following years while trying to gather more friends.

Fun With Physalis

As she grew up she was ultimately unsuccessful in her goal of making more friends, while traveling the world. In one such day Gudon while breaking the fourth wall and trying to put himself as the protagonist of the Story Event, tried to burn a village to demonstrate his might. He failed after Physalis hurled Moog (erasing Gudon's fake title in the process) causing her to chase her companion and inadvertently tackled Gudon's machine, sending him flying.

The two travel while brainstorming ideas to win friends, and realize that the world is not adequate for her to make friends as everyone lives afraid, so she vows to make the world a better place to people can get along with her.

Gudon, in a foul mood over being sent flying, started harassing inhabitants of a certain village to relieve some stress. Physalis angry at his abuse of power, challenged him. The Xi Star sent his soldiers to fight her, glad to find the source of his problems. Physalis defeated the soldiers forcing Gudon to fight her himself. Although he proved a strong foe, Physalis awakened her hybrid blood and punched his machine sending him flying once more. The inhabitants, however, were terrified that she defied a member of the Orders and fled, however a girl amongst them bows in gratitude before leaving, making Physalis happy.

The Aldore Emperor who has observed the data of Gudon's defeat, was thrilled to have found a person of hybrid heritage he could use to advance his plans and orders Juraga to bring Physalis to him. The Nu Star traces Physalis to Gungan where she has fun riding the multiple vines on the trees, causing Juraga to pursue her with much difficulty given her energetic nature. Eventually, Juraga finds Physalis and requests she joins the Orders, to which she happily accepts. Juraga was left puzzled that she agreed so easily, unaware of her simplistic nature.

Physalis was brought to the Aldore Tower where Quadis bestowed on her the title of Pi Star of the Orders, which she gracefully accepted and vowed to improve the world. The Emperor expressed his gratitude and his confidence on her. She was left with Levnato thinking the Alpha Star was akin to a butler of the Emperor, causing mild amusement. Levnato told her that the Orders number 16 members, so she decides to introduce herself to her new comrades.

She travels through the Tower while inadvertently triggering security systems due to not being yet integrated in the database. She meets Zeno who coldly dismisses her. She then meets Demoldoa, Nazuu and Galas who are in the middle of an argument, the trio present themselves, while Moog realizes the Orders have a bitter rivalry for ranks. Next she meets Distorque, Shamlin and Yego, the former happily greeting her as the two engage in exaggerated salutes. Distorque orders his students to greet their comrade, with Shamlin complying while Yego gives a quite greeting while she leaves. Distorque apologizes for her behaviour and proposes to teach Physalis many things. Moog dismisses the idea as they had to greet other members and the two leave. Moog secretly tells Physalis to stay away from Distorque as he could sense his malice. Finally she meets Hyoh who coldly dismisses her, while Mid, and Nagi appear. Mid leaves as she has work to do, but Nagi bonds with Physalis quickly as the two are of the same age, becoming good friends in the process. Moog is glad, Physalis could make a new friend.

Season Two

Following the Children of Hess' declaration of war on Visectrum, Physalis is summoned to defend targeted facilities in Magistellus. She encounters Nagi who is recovering after using enhancement drugs to follow Hyoh's plan. Nagi believes Physalis won't be able to beat Lasswell's group by herself.

Physalis reaches the facility and defeats the attackers without killing any of them. Lasswell's group finds the Hess members beaten down and Physalis appears before them, boasting about her victory while trying to mask her rank in the Orders. Moog breaks down that she's the Pi Star, which makes Ignacio believe she's no threat. Flustered, Physalis tosses her partner away.

Seeing that Physalis didn't kill any Hess members but merely knocked them out, Lasswell decides to duel her. He senses honor in her and to his surprise Lasswell discovers Physalis is as strong as Akstar and barely defeats her. Physalis becomes interested in Lasswell and his strength, leading him to tell her his story. Physalis is left wondering if the people of Aldore are in the wrong, but Moog points out Lasswell's retelling is only from his point of view. She agrees and vows to expand her worldview before leaving. Lasswell finds her an odd person to be among the Aldore ranks.

After Rain declares himself as Hyoh and separates from Lasswell's party, the Aldore Emperor summons the Orders to prepare for the war ahead. The Emperor promotes Hyoh to Gamma Star following Yego's defection, which surprises both Physalis and Nagi. The Emperor reveals he's aware of Hyoh's royal heritage and encourages him as the legitimate heir to climb the ranks to reclaim the throne. Hyoh vows loyalty to the Emperor as the battle stars mobilize to repel the Hess forces.

Physalis is sent to the Labor Camp along Shamlin to execute the prisoners (although she's largely ignorant of it). As Shamlin readies to execute the prisoners Lasswell's group strives to stop them. Shamlin gives the prisoners two options: betray Hess and live, or remain loyal and die. Physalis arrives after taking a shower and complains that the water is too cold and may affect the prisoners' health. She realizes something is happening, but since Shamlin cannot be bothered to explain from the beginning, Physalis has to sit it out. She agrees to watch from the sidelines.

The prisoners having seen Lasswell fight for them before gain newfound faith on the heir of Hess and stay loyal. Shamlin ultimately spares them since they gave an honest answer and would have killed them if they lied to save their skin. Physalis is pleased but wonders if this won't mean they'll be punished for failure. Shamlin assures that they won't because he will still fulfill his mission of beating Lasswell. The latter defeats Shamlin who wonders if he'll kill him. Lasswell opts to not do it as he abhors senseless murder. Shamlin's mood has improved after dueling Lasswell, a feeling Physalis is familiar with. Shamlin vows to meet Lasswell again and leaves.

Physalis is curious about Lasswell who seems more mature since the last time they saw and inquires about what happened. Lasswell tells her of the schism between him and Rain. Physalis reassures him that they are doing the right thing by fighting for peace,despite the difference of methods. Physalis leaves as Lasswell gains newfound confidence after talking with her.

Physalis has an audience with the Emperor in the presence of Zeno and requests the ruler stop warring with the people of Hess. She reasons that anybody who claims to fight for peace while governing with an iron-fist is nothing short of a "big fat liar". Moog readies himself believing they will be annihilated for their insolence. However the Emperor simply acknowledges her words and sends her on her way, much to their surprise.

When Sakura and Nichol are being initiated into the orders and forced to fight one another, she jumps in along with Hyoh to stop them killing each other, allowing both to live. She is deployed to the expedition to retrieve Weapon and is ends up fighting Lasswell alongside Levnato, however Lasswell quickly runs her though and tries to finish Levnato, only to be nearly killed when Lasswell hesitates as he targets the Children of Hess, angering Physalis for targeting non-combatants. She then punches Levnato, disabling him, stating she won't allow him to kill Lasswell and end the bloodline of Hess, defecting to them, causing Levnato to simply leave. Lasswell, Fina and Lid welcome her warmly into their ranks (the former more open than the others). During her travels her new companions waste no time in commenting how she must like Lasswell, however while she thinks he is cool she never considered him romantically.

She and Lasswell get a moment to speak alone and he thanks her for her encouragement, allowing him to soldier on in the difficulties, and states that he wants to protect her as she is looking out for him too. The pair are interrupted by Sakura and Nichol who state their intention to fight them and keep them from Weapon. After a meal together, they end up fighting, however Physalis is grabbed by the newly awakening Weapon, too weak after their fight to struggle nor can Lasswell free her for similar weapons, she is pulled into the machine to feed it's power.

Physalis consciousness proves to be a fitting match for the Weapon, as she fights over to keep control over herself, which buys time for Lasswell's party in order to rescue her by infiltrating the Weapon. Physalis consciousness fades more and more as Lasswell hurries to save her from Weapon. On a successful infiltration on the Weapon, the party meets with the Aldore Emperor and the remaining Orders as Physalis consciousness is about to be assimilated by Weapon.

The Emperor explains that Physalis dual-raced origins give her the strength to serve as the Weapon's core as most people would be destroyed by the strain. The Emperor then explains his ultimate goal to have the Weapon absorb the energy of all the crystals on Paladia and subsequently of every living being on the world so that the Emperor can finally join with Weapon and become the sole absolute being in existence as his envisioned "True Dictatorship".

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