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Phuabo is an enemy from Final Fantasy XI. Often referred to as "sharks" (although their resemblance is more akin to a manta ray), the Phuabo swim under the solid water of Al'Taieu where they cannot be targeted and do not appear on Wide Scan. They can, however, still be hit by an Area of Effect attack that is directed at another monster, even if the Phuabo is still underwater. They detect by true hearing and leap out of the water to attack, at which point they can be targeted.

Defeated Phuabo may drop Phuabo Organs and Luminian Tissues.

Special attacks Edit

  • Aerial Collision: Cone attack damage and Defense Down.
  • Plasma Charge: Shock Spikes effect.
  • Spinal Lash: Cone attack damage and Plague.
  • Tidal Dive: AoE damage, Bind, and Weight. Only used over very deep water.
  • Vapor Spray: Cone attack Water damage.
  • Voiceless Storm: AoE Wind damage and Silence.

Gallery Edit

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