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Photo mode is a recurring feature in the Final Fantasy series games. It allows the player to more easily take screenshots of their game.


Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade[]

Photo mode is accessible from the pause screen. It pauses all action and in battle and field scenes, and hides UI elements and allows the player to toggle if the characters are shown and turn the camera. The player can then use the console's innate screenshot function to take pictures. Photo mode in cutscenes simply pauses the scene, and the player can't change the angle.

In Elmyra Gainsborough's memory scenes, the sepia tone filter turns off in photo mode, allowing the player to see the true colors of the character models.

Final Fantasy XV[]

The camera mode was added in patch 1.04 and lets the controlled character take photos manually when not in battle. The player can aim the camera and zoom in. Taken photos are stored under "manual-snaps", but also take up space from the 200 photo limit. Quests that make use of this mode were added in patches alongside the Royal and Windows Editions release, and saved manual pictures appear in the Royal Edition credits. The camera Noctis uses is never seen, and his pictures have no "photobombs" or unique poses from subjects; instead the mode is simply for taking screenshots. Noctis can use the same filters Prompto can.

Manual photo mode is disabled in the Close Encounter of the Terra Kind collaboration.