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The Phosphoric Ooze is an enemy in Final Fantasy XIII encountered in the Fifth Ark.

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Phosphoric Oozes' attacks are weak and, while they can inflict Poison, its duration is short. Two Phosphoric Oozes can merge to create the far more powerful Alchemic Ooze enemy, wrecking the player's post battle rating.

Strategy Edit

It is advised to defeat these enemies quickly, or if the merge cannot be prevented, reduce the merged Phosphoric Ooze's HP as much as possible before the transformation. The strategy is to stick with Relentless Assault (COM/RAV/RAV) and defeat as many as possible, disregarding healing unless party members are grievously injured.

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Etymology Edit

It is named such because of its glow. Phosphorus is a chemical element. The first form of elemental phosphorus to be produced (white phosphorus in 1669) emits a faint glow upon exposure to oxygen–hence its name from Greek mythology, Φωσφόρος meaning "light-bearer", referring to the "Morning Star", the planet Venus. The term "phosphorescence," meaning glow after illumination, originally derives from this property of phosphorus, although this word has since been used for a different physical process that produces a glow. The glow of phosphorus originates from oxidation of the white (but not red) phosphorus—a process now termed chemiluminescence.

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