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Single slot. Phoenix is a Summon Materia in Final Fantasy VII. It summons Phoenix, who performs Phoenix Flame, a unique attack, which first deals heavy Fire-elemental damage to all enemies, and then revives all fallen party members at full HP.

The Phoenix Materia has the Fire element, which can be linked with the Elemental Support Materia on weapons or armor to deal or resist Fire damage respectively.


The Phoenix Materia can be obtained at Fort Condor if Cid and the party protect the Huge Materia inside from Shinra. The condor sitting atop the fort dies and its baby hatches. During the condor's death the fiery wings of a Phoenix appear, and a Phoenix Materia can be found on the floor near the nest.

The Phoenix Materia can be dug from Bone Village after the Raid on Midgar if the party has not picked up the one in Fort Condor. If the player loses the boss battle during the Huge Materia mission, they don't get a Game Over, but the fort will be inaccessible for the rest of the game and the Phoenix Materia can only be obtained from Bone Village. The Phoenix Materia can also be excavated if the player completes the mission at Fort Condor, but does not pick up the Materia before excavating the Bone Village one. This makes it the only Summon Materia (excluding Master Summon, and Alexander via a step-perfect trick) that the player can have two "fresh" versions of.



See the Summon sequence here.
Level AP required
1 0
2 28000
3 70000
4 120000
5 180000


Ability MP cost Power Effect
Phoenix Flame 180 60 High Fire elemental damage to all enemies. Resurrects dead allies.


Phoenix Flame.

Phoenix costs 180 MP to summon, and performs Phoenix Flame. This attack first deals Fire-elemental damage at 3.75x the base magic damage to all enemies, and then revives all fallen party members at full HP.

The main component of summoning Phoenix is reviving characters, as its damage is small for how much MP it costs. The best use for Phoenix is pairing it with the Final Attack Materia to give the user a chance to immediately summon Phoenix after being killed, providing they have the MP. If the killed user is also the party's most durable character, they are likely to be killed last. This can be very useful against superbosses, as it can allow the player to survive being wiped up to five times depending on the level of Final Attack.

Phoenix comes with considerable stat changes, of -10% HP, but +10% MP, +2 Magic, and +2 Magic def. This means that the user should also equip HP Plus to negate the HP penalty, so they can use the summon before death, or if paired with Final Attack, survive longer than other party members so as not to waste Phoenix. Phoenix can also be paired with the Elemental Materia to either deal or resist Fire damage. However, this is a much weaker use of the Materia than Final Attack, and many other Materia, including Ifrit or Fire, can provide this with smaller penalties.

The best users of the Materia are Cloud, Cait Sith, and Barret. Cloud and Cait both have a high HP and high Magic stat, meaning that they will deal more damage when Phoenix is summoned and also outlive other party members. Barret has the highest HP in the game, and can also benefit greatly with his Missing Score as Phoenix can hold a large amount of AP.

If party members are killed with the last enemy's final attack (such as the Gargoyle's Level 4 Death), and Phoenix is paired with the Final Attack Materia, it cannot target any enemies, and the spell will fizzle, leaving any KO'd party members down.



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