Phoebe is one of Benjamin's four allies from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. She hails from Aquaria and is a skilled adventurer, setting out on her own to save her town.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Phoebe has purple eyes and short blonde hair that is swept up on one side. She wears a blue leotard with armor over it. Her breastplate, armguards, pauldrons, and poleyns are purple, as is her belt. The tassets on her leg and belt buckle are pink, and her greaves are blue. She also wears a yellow cape and transparent material over her arms.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Phoebe is adventurous and somewhat reckless about using explosives. She becomes dejected after failing to save Aquaria and her grandfather alone, declaring it hopeless, but she regains hope with Benjamin's help. Phoebe worries about her energetic grandfather and has to stop him from going with Benjamin at the end of the game. She also befriends Kaeli when Kaeli visits Aquaria.

Story[edit | edit source]

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Benjamin meets Phoebe in the Libra Temple, trying to activate the warp panel there so she can procure some Wakewater to defrost her home town. As her grandfather Spencer knows about Captain Mac, Benjamin agrees to help her save Aquaria. The two recover the Libra Crest to activate the warp panel, but the Wakewater fails to save the town. The two continue on to the Ice Pyramid, where they slay the Ice Golem and restore the Water Crystal, freeing Aquaria.

When Benjamin was unable to continue to Windia due to the Giant Tree in Alive Forest, he returned to Aquaria where Kaeli was resting in Phoebe's house. Phoebe attempted to speed up construction of Spencer's tunnel by using a bomb, but ended up causing a cave in, and ran off to find Spencer to tell him.

When Captain Mac is at last rescued, Reuben reports finding a hidden passage underneath the Focus Tower leading to Doom Castle. Reuben's injuries act up, so Phoebe joins Benjamin on his final journey and sets sail to the secret entrance, where the two climb the structure and confront the Dark King.

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Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Phoebe using the Bow of Grace in battle.

While Phoebe is competent with weaponry, she is a master of magic and inflicts tremendous damage with spells right from the first time she joins. Her magic power stays higher than any other ally's and when she accompanies Benjamin to the final dungeon, her magic stat is set at 99, a number the protagonist himself cannot achieve.

When she first joins Benjamin, she comes equip with the Cat Claw which can inflict Paralyze and Poison upon attacking. Her weapon is later given to him and will be replaced with the Bow of Grace, which can inflict Blind. Her armor consists of the Mystic Robe that provides protection from Water and Wind while her Magic Ring protects her from Silence.

The second time she joins, she'll still have the same equipment as before, but will now have gotten two new pieces of armor: the Steel Helm and Ether Shield. The shield provides protection from Paralyze and Sleep statuses, and also protects her from Drain attacks.

If the player has Phoebe on Auto, she will randomly cast Aero despite not having the book for it. This happens when she's out of Wizard charges. At one point, she was probably meant to have Aero as a selectable spell in her list. Her Auto was programmed incorrectly and takes Aero into consideration for a possible attack, but she shouldn't be able to cast the spell since she doesn't have it.

Stats[edit | edit source]

The following is Phoebe's raw stats before weapon and armor modification.

Level Life Attack Defense Speed Magic Accuracy Evade Magic Left Equipment Spells
15 680 47 20 36 49 82 0 White: 21
Black: 10
Wizard: 5
Cat Claw
Bow of Grace
Mystic Robe
Magic Ring
34 1480 70 39 66 94 92 0 White: 40
Black: 20
Wizard: 10
Bow of Grace
Ether Shield
Steel Helm
Mystic Robe
Magic Ring
Aero*(If the player has Phoebe on Auto, she will randomly cast Aero despite not having the book for it. This happens when she's out of Wizard charges.)

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Phoebe can be seen in the screenshots on the back of the North American game box, named "Tea". She is level 41, which allies cannot achieve due to having fixed levels, and is wielding a Morning Star in all screenshots, including one inside the Giant Tree. Whether this was simply a beta character used for testing and/or easy promotional-screenshot images, or whether she had a different name and role in the game at some point during development, is unclear.

Artwork for the European version shows Phoebe with a shield as she wields her Cat Claw. This is interesting as, even if this shield isn't the Ether Shield, Phoebe doesn't use a shield until she rejoins Benjamin, equipped with the Ether Shield, at the end of the game, long after she's given the Cat Claw to Benjamin and switched to the Bow of Grace.

It's never stated where or when Phoebe acquired the Ether Shield in the first place. This, when combined with her dedication to helping Spencer dig before rejoining Benjamin, implies she may have found it at a point in Spencer's Place that Benjamin could not reach at the time.

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Etymology[edit | edit source]

In Greek mythology, Phoebe was one of the original Titans, who were one set of sons and daughters of Uranus and Gaia. She was traditionally associated with the moon.

Phoebe's Japanese name can be alternately written as "Fey". Fey comes from Middle English meaning "doomed, or fated to die". It is also an alternate word for "fairy".

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