Template:MQ Character Phoebe is one of Benjamin's four allies from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. She hails from Aquaria and is a skilled adventurer, setting out on her own to save her town.

Benjamin meets Phoebe in the Libra Temple, trying to activate the warp panel there so she can procure some Wakewater to defrost her home town. As her grandfather Spencer knows about Captain Mac, Benjamin agrees to help her save Aquaria. The two recover the Libra Crest to activate the warp panel, but the Wakewater fails to save the town. The two continue on to the Ice Pyramid, where they slay the Ice Golem and restore the Water Crystal, freeing Aquaria.

FFMQ Artwork Phoebe

Conceptual artwork of Phoebe.

When Benjamin was unable to continue to Windia due to the Giant Tree in Alive Forest, he returned to Aquaria where Kaeli was resting in Phoebe's house. Phoebe attempted to speed up construction of Spencer's tunnel by using a bomb, but ended up causing a cave in, and ran off to find Spencer to tell him.

When Captain Mac is at last rescued, Reuben reports finding a hidden passage underneath the Focus Tower leading to Doom Castle. Reuben's injuries acts up, so Phoebe joins Benjamin on his final journey and sets sail to the secret entrance. Climbing up the Tower/Castle and confront the Dark King.



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