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Phlegethon is a boss in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. He is the final boss of the Labyrinth of the Ancients and is based on the Titan boss from Final Fantasy III.

Battle[edit | edit source]

Before engaging him, it is recommended to use waymarks on the three trigger pads in the arena so alliance members can run there for when it is time to raise the barrier. These pads will be submerged in lava until the time comes.

This fight serves as one of the first time unique AoE warnings are shown in place of the usual red circle or line, as his weaponskills tend to strike in unusual patterns. To avoid them, players need to maneuver in between the markings to avoid being struck. Quake ignores Magic Defense and pierces through shield spells, Quake always follows up Megiddo Flame.

After a certain time, the lava at the outer edge will recede and Iron Nails will appear to grab one person in each party. This signals he will be ready to cast Ancient Flare, and players will need to get onto pads in order to create a barrier that will block it. Ancient Flare will inflict 99999 damage, making the barrier vital to surviving it.

After Ancient Flare, an Iron Giant appears at each pad and must be fought off before turning attention back to Phlegethon. Phlegethon gains two new abilities, Moonfall Slash and Quake III as a follow-up to the former. Similarly to Quake, Quake III ignores Magic Defense and pierces shield spells. Megiddo Flame changes to a different pattern. After he casts Ancient Flare a second time, extra Iron Nails will appear in addition to the Iron Giants. Phlegethon gains a new ability, Hundred Cuts and Megiddo Flame changes to a different pattern again.

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