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Pheasant Netsuke are an accessory in Final Fantasy XII that doubles the effects of restorative items and elemental fangs used by the wearer, such as being able to revive fallen party members to full health with a Phoenix Down.




In the original PlayStation 2 versions, Pheasant Netsuke is sold for 5,000 gil in Old Archades. It is also found in a treasure in Draklor Laboratory 70th Floor - Room 7002 East (70% chance to appear, but is always the Pheasant Netsuke without the Diamond Armlet Map 07 Draklor Laboratory).

Pheasant Netsuke is a rare steal from a Mu and is made in the bazaar in the "Wing Cord" set. To make it in the bazaar, the player needs to sell two Stardusts, obtained from Wyrdhare (Hunter's Monograph drop) and Spee (steal), both found in Salikawood.


In the updated Zodiac versions, the Pheasant Netsuke is not sold in shops, but sells for 1,500 gil. It is found as a treasure in Jahara's The Elderknoll (always appears), Ridorana Cataract's City of Other Days (always appears), and Subterra's Umbra - South (70% chance to appear, 80% chance for gil, 50% chance the item treasure is a Pheasant Netsuke without the Diamond Armlet), as well as in Trial Mode Stage 78 with the Diamond Armlet equipped.

Pheasant Netsuke is still a rare steal from a Mu, and now also from the Alraune King in Trial Mode Stage 27. It is still made in the bazaar set "Wing Cord" with the same requirements as before.



Pheasant Netsuke simply doubles the amount of HP or MP the healing items the wearer uses restore, as well as the elemental damage from fangs. It takes the Potion Lore augments the user has into account. Pheasant Netsuke affects Potion, Hi-Potion, X-Potion, Ether, Hi-Ether, and Phoenix Down, as well as Soleil Fang, Rime Fang and Lightning Fang. Pheasant Netsuke does not affect the damage done by other offensive items, like Dark Matter and Knot of Rust, or motes.

Items are a quick way to heal, as using them takes no Charge Time. In the Zodiac versions, the accessory is good on the jobs that gain many Potion and Phoenix Lores, like Archer. Being able to revive allies to full health with a Phoenix Down is faster compared to using the Arise spell. Pheasant Netsuke is also great on any fang-user, especially if coupled with a weapon that boosts the fang's elemental damage. For example Pheasant Netsuke + Soleil Fang + Burning Bow allows the Archer to do good fire damage in the Zodiac versions (and the damage is even better if the target has Oil).


A netsuke is a miniature sculpture originating in 17th century Japan.