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Pharos Sirius (Hard) is a Dungeon Dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. It was added in Patch 3.1.


Pharos Sirius (Hard)

Pharos Sirius, the pride of Limsa Lominsa, is yet again in peril. The fine men and women of Naldiq and Vymelli's were restoring the interior when they were taken by surprise by a pack of kobolds and their explosive arsenal. Barely escaping with their lives, the smiths sounded the alarum on the worrying plethora of bombs scattered throughout the lighthouse. Maelstrom Command enlists your aid, but proceed with caution—with one misplaced explosion, Pharos Sirius could be blown to smithereens!

Duty Finder


  • Arrive in the fuel chamber: 0/1
  • Slay the Ghrah Luminary: 0/1
  • Arrive in the second spire: 0/1
  • Slay 8th Order Patriarch Be Gu: 0/1
  • Arrive at Incubator 66: 0/1
  • Secure Incubator 66: 0/1


Unlike in the original Pharos Sirius instance, this duty starts from the upper floors and works its way downward. Duty commences where the Maelstrom airship drops the party off, and down the first stairway is several forms of "Corruption" that shifts into different forms, mainly birds. Several corrupted flans and slimes await further below, along with corrupted wolves and sprites. Eventually they will encounter the Ghrah Luminary, a humanoid manifestation of elemental corruption. During this fight, several corruptions will appear and try to copy humanoid forms from players; to avoid this, the tethers should be moved to birds and spiders so it turns into weaker forms.

Once it is defeated, the party can proceed into the lower levels where the kobolds are at work sabotaging the structure. Time bombs wander the halls, detonating as soon as they are aggro'd. The party must fight through several kobolds, including a large entities called Construct 8, before they reach the second boss, 8th Order Patriarch Be Gu. His efforts to strip mine the lighthouse will cause several aether valves to leak, which need to be plugged up with corrupted gels, as well as dealing with the Furnicemen that power him up with alchemy engines.

The last section takes place in the Sapper Tunnels dug by the kobolds, where several bomb makers are installed, along with immense beasts called "Living Rocks." At several points are rock walls being demolished; if any of them fall, more creatures will emerge to attack the party. The final objective lies in Incubator 66, where the dangerous Proginitrix awaits. During the fight, the Progenitrix will split into multiple bombs upon defeat, followed by the Progenitor emerging from a bomb incubator in the back.


  • Corruption
  • Corrupted Flan
  • Corrupted Slime
  • Corrupted Sprite
  • Corrupted Wolf
  • Ghrah Luminary
    • Corruption
  • Construct 8
  • Time Bomb
  • Coral Doblyn
  • 8th Order Pickman
  • 8th Order Roundsman
  • 8th Order Patriarch Be Gu
    • Corrupted Gel
    • 8th Order Furnaceman
    • Alchemy Engine
  • 8th Order Bedesman
  • Living Rock
  • Simple Bomb Incubator
    • Time Grenade
  • Progenitrix
  • Progenitor
    • Lava Bomb
    • Grey Bomb
    • Remedy Bomb


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Musical themes[]

"Upon the Rocks" plays at all times except during boss battles. "A Fine Death" plays while fighting the Ghrah Luminary and 8th Order Patriarch Be Gu, while "Ominous Prognisticks" plays during the battle with the Progenitrix and the Progenitor.