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Pharos Sirius is a Dungeon Dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV. It is a level 50 dungeon released in patch 2.1, located on the Isle of Umbra, La Noscea. A hard version is to be released in patch 3.1.


The once-proud Pharos Sirius is twice dishonored—once by the Calamity, and now by the deadly siren of Umbra, who plots to hold the lighthouse as a personal stronghold with the aid of her minions. Silence her lunatic song, dispatch the usual suspects—ashkin and winged monstrosities—and reclaim the light of the civilized world.

In-game description

Pharos Sirius.

A lighthouse pivotal to the navigation surrounding La Noscea, the city-state of Limsa Lominsa has paid highly to the towering structure in both creation and maintenance. And what a creation to behold, as the lighthouse can be classified as a La Noscean grand castle of splendor design with its graceful architecture and white-marble walls. However, during the Seventh Umbral Era, the lighthouse was struck with a gigantic crystal shard from the fallen moon Dalamud, which subsequently render the lighthouse unusable and broken—the yellow-orange crystals that now scatter all over the lighthouse have been known to corrupt any entity that is near it for extended periods of time. Worse, pirate rumors have echoed of poor souls being lured to the crystal-struck tower by voices of the Siren, which have subsequently taken up residence in the lighthouse after it's unwanted infusion of aethereal energies from the large crystal shard that pierces the lighthouse walls.

It is said that all men who enters the Isle of Umbra can hear the alluring voice of the Siren, yet the shipwrecks nearby indicates that it is not of good song. Due to many fallen ships and eeriness of the Isle, the lighthouse was abandoned and/or avoided by both pirates and the Limsa Lominsa officials, however it isn't forgotten. Several maintenance workers are sent to the lighthouse in an attempt to restore the lighthouse to it's former glory, but none of them ever returned. It is for this reason that the adventurer and their friends are requested by workers of Limsa Lominsa to clear the dangerous marvel of La Noscea of it's corrupted inhabitants as well as the Siren herself so that the seas of western Vylbrand may be safe to traverse once again.


A captain pirate lured by charming voices, now his crew and himself are lifeless slaves of the Siren, infused with corrupt crystals which grows out of his shoulders and scatters all over his cape. His crewmates are known as zombies as they have corrupted aether crystals growing out from their lifeless, pale bodies.

  • Zu (Boss)

A large bird using the lighthouse as a nest. Located at the aethereal powering station, it is drawn by the energies of the lighthouse, most likely finding the fuel chamber comfortable as well as suitable for nesting it's offspring. The massive bird protects its hatchlings fiercely; for this it serves as a threat to the reformation of the tower.

  • Tyrant (Boss)

A dragon-like creature drawn similarly to Zu by the aethereal energies pulsing from the tower thanks to the crystal shard that is lodged through it, the dragon is located in the upper areas of the tower where the corrupted crystal is in high density. Surrounded by crystal glow arching from the lighthouse walls in every corner, the areas surrounding him always looks bright regardless of the time of day.

  • Siren (Boss)

A mysterious feminine monstrosity that is known to capture and lure men to their demise, the Siren have taken a liking to the tower after its transformation, most likely due to the corrupt orange-yellow crystals that now fills the upper levels' walls. She resides on the final top floor of the tower, where the views of La Noscea can be seen. Carrying a harp, she sings songs of doom that reaches the males near the seas of La Noscea, trapping them into her grasp and forcing them to permanently reside within the tower, whereas the corrupting crystals slowly transform them from the inside out the longer they stay within the confines. Though her true intentions are not known, it is believed that the Siren is either lonely, or is simply using the corrupted crystals and corrupted pirates as a source of energy. Either way, the Siren must be stopped, so that merchants and pirates alike can be safely assured that they would not be pulled to corruption by her ill-omen song.


The lighthouse is widely accepted as the hardest dungeon of the item level 60 loot range (Haukke Manor (Hard Mode), Copperbell Mines (Hard Mode), Pharos Sirius), but it drops similar loot to the aforementioned dungeons albeit with slightly different assortments. Because of common reports of highly-geared players beyond the dungeon's loot level having extreme troubles with clearing the dungeon, with high failure rates across the board, the dungeon is nerfed to be more appropriate to it's item level requirement of 47, which many considered to be too low. Nonetheless, many people still avoid the dungeon and resorts to doing the easier dungeons of the item level range for the gear rewards, despite Pharos Sirius being the unique dungeon and the most challenging out of the three.

Behind the scenes[]

One of Siren's abilities is Lunatic Voice, which is her summon ability in Final Fantasy VI.

Musical themes[]

"Through the Gloom" plays throughout the dungeon. It was composed by Masayoshi Soken.

Lore wise, the female singer's voices featured in this theme are the voices of Siren, the last boss of the dungeon.

During the 1st anniversary of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn event, Soken was challenged by a fan to make the theme loop within 3 hours. Soken rearranged and streamed the new theme during the same event livestream.



The Lighthouse of Alexandria, also known as the Pharos of Alexandria, was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The lighthouse was a tower built at Alexandria, Egypt, to guide sailors to port at night.

Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky. Sirius is also known colloquially as the "Dog Star", reflecting its prominence in its constellation, Canis Major.