The Kingdom of Pharm or sometimes simply Pharm is nation in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and one of the last ones to be found in season one.

Profile[edit | edit source]

The Kingdom of Pharm is stylized after the country of Japan, especially from that of the Edo period, featuring Ninja, Samurai and Martial Artists as their more prominent militia. Their buildings and decorations are also typical of traditional Japan design.

Like the country it is based on, the Kingdom of Pharm was also known to have a gloomy warring period plagued by constant civil war and social unrest amongst different feudal lords and their subjects, fighting for control over the land or otherwise protect their own, all of which are hinted to have occurred centuries ago, although the exact date is not disclosed.

Known inhabitants during this difficult age include the Ninja/Samurai clan of Jiraiya, Chizuru, Hayate, Miyuki their feudal lord, princess Kaede and enemy spy Otogiri. Otogiri through instructions of her master in order to unify the land, utilized a mix of deception, trickery and manipulation tactics managed to end the life of the clan, leaving Hayate the only survivor who fled with Kaede to a town far away within the nation's borders where they restarted their lives as a family. In the meantime Kaede's land was taken over by Otogiri's master who later on managed to seize absolute control of Pharm, achieving the unification of the lands of the nation, very similar to the achievement performed by Tokugawa Ieyasu and the later Tokugawa Shogunate.

Unlike the Shogunate, however, Otogiri's unnamed master decided away from a fully monarchical system and instead opted for a democratical one, where its Kings are elected by its people in order to prevent the corruption found within dynasties.

Sakura herself played an important role in these affairs helping establish the democratizing process. Even ages after the deed, Sakura herself is well known in the Kingdom of Pharm and a respected figure.

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