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Phantom Village, also known as Mirage village, is a town in the merged world in Final Fantasy V. Time in the town stopped, as the town was caught in the Interdimensional Rift for over 1,000 years.

Phantom Village is the only town not represented by a town icon on the map, instead just being situated in the center of a patch of forest. When trying to enter the village, sometimes a battle intro may play with sound and visual effects, but if the player was lucky at the moment of search, they are taken to the village instead of the battle. As well as the black chocobo, the best items, weapons, armor, and magic can be bought here. Each establishment has two vendors, one which sells fair items, the second selling rare items. The catch is in locating the second vendor, as they are hidden and difficult to get to.


When the world was split 1,000 years before the events of Final Fantasy V following the defeat of Enuo,[1] Phantom Village went to neither world, and was left floating in the Rift, trapped in the space between dimensions, with time stopping as a result.[2][note 1]

When Exdeath merged the worlds in Final Fantasy V, the village reappeared in a forest on the southern end of the world. A few in Crescent were aware of its reappearance in the forest,[3] and a black chocobo wandered through.[2][note 2] Bartz Klauser and the Light Warriors arrived to pick up items and spells, as well as fetch the black chocobo to travel to other parts of the world.

While facing Exdeath in the Interdimensional Rift, Bartz and the Light Warriors passed through the village again, though time had frozen entirely.



The Phantom Village is geographically located within a forest on the southern tip of the merged world. The village does not appear on the world map at all, suggesting it is well-hidden.

The Phantom Village resembles villages throughout the world architecturally. What separates it from the others is two things: each shop has two merchants with one being reached via a hidden passage, and all villagers wear turbans and entirely different attire to those from other villages.[note 3]



Weapon shops
Name Cost
Fuma Shuriken 25,000 gil
Shuriken 2,500 gil
Twin Lance 10,800 gil
Moonring Blade 1,100 gil
Fire Scroll 200 gil
Water Scroll 200 gil
Lightning Scroll 200 gil
Flametongue 10,000 gil
Icebrand 11,000 gil
Gaia Hammer 12,800 gil
Morning Star 7,800 gil
Rune Bow 10,000 gil
Kiku-Ichimonji 14,800 gil
Partisan 10,200 gil
Armor shops
Name Cost
Crystal Shield 9,000 gil
Crystal Helm 10,500 gil
Black Cowl 6,500 gil
Circlet 4,500 gil
Crystal Armor 12,000 gil
Black Garb 9,000 gil
Black Robe 8,000 gil
White Robe 8,000 gil
Hermes Sandals 50,000 gil
Angel Ring 50,000 gil
Flame Ring 50,000 gil
Coral Ring 50,000 gil
Lamia's Tiara 2,500 gil
Angel Robe 3,000 gil
Magic shops
Name Cost
Black-ffv-icon.png Mini 300 gil
Black-ffv-icon.png Toad 300 gil
Time-ffv-icon.png Speed 30 gil
Time-ffv-icon.png Float 300 gil
Time-ffv-icon.png Teleport 600 gil
Summon-ffv-icon.png Chocobo 300 gil
Summon-ffv-icon.png Sylph 350 gil
Summon-ffv-icon.png Remora 250 gil
White-ffv-icon.png Arise 10,000 gil
White-ffv-icon.pngDispel 10,000 gil
Black-ffv-icon.png Death 10,000 gil
Black-ffv-icon.png Osmose 10,000 gil
Time-ffv-icon.png Quick 10,000 gil
Time-ffv-icon.png Banish 10,000 gil
Item shops
Name Cost
Potion 40 gil
Hi-Potion 360 gil
Phoenix Down 1,000 gil
Maiden's Kiss 60 gil
Antidote 30 gil
Eye Drops 20 gil
Gold Needle 150 gil
Mallet 50 gil
Elixir 50,000 gil
Ether 1,500 gil
Holy Water 150 gil
Goliath Tonic 110 gil
Power Drink 110 gil
Speed Drink 110 gil
Iron Draft 110 gil
Hero Cocktail 110 gil


Name Location
Thief Knife In the Pub, hidden in the barrels behind the counter.
Mirage Vest Person under the Pub; talk to the person and then ride Boko around the world once, and talk to the person again.


Visiting the Phantom Village is optional, but worthwhile to obtain equipment and spells. It can accessed from a forest in the southern-most end of the map at any point after the airship is obtained, and must be visited to fetch the black chocobo and travel to the Phoenix Tower and North Mountain.

A building in the town contains a door that appears sealed. When exploring the Interdimensional Rift, the player enters the time-frozen town through this door. A healing pot that fully restores the party can still be used, though the villagers cannot be interacted with, and the player must simply leave through its entrance on the right to proceed through the dungeon.

Secret vendors and entrances[]

The armor shop's hidden vendor in Mirage Village.

The shops (see below) and almost all areas in Phantom Village have hidden passages, leading to hidden vendors. There is a secret door in every building, except for the inn. The secret vendors sell rare items.

  • Pub - The player must go around the top of pub outside; there is a secret entrance behind the building.
  • Armor shop - Inside the building, the player must press Confirm on the box to the left of the entrance, and the counter will open up, revealing a secret path.
  • Weapon shop - The player must take the secret entrance to the pub, go south of town after using a secret exit, and enter the small building southwest of town. The player must go down the stairs, then go down to a locked door, and go north on the path to the right.
  • Magic shop - Instead of going into the shop, the player must go left from the entrance, and go around back to find a secret entrance.


The party leader can play a piano at the village. Playing all the pianos in the world acquires the last song, Hero's Rime, after showing the newfound pianist skills to the bard in Crescent.

The last piano is in Phantom Village. The player must head to the pub but not go in, instead, head behind it, and go down to get behind the pub's counter. The door on the left leads outside, and heading down will come to a door. Inside, the player will arrive at some steps. The player should head down to reach the wall and turn left and press against the wall to reach a room that has steps leading up. It leads to the black chocobo. Before getting on the chocobo, the player can press against the left wall of the room that leads to it, and the last piano is in the next room.

If the player played all the previous ones, the party leader will play an excerpt from Debussy's "Arabesque No. 1".

Musical themes[]

The background theme that plays in Phantom Village is called "Sealed Book".



A phantom is a ghost, a physical manifestation of the soul or spirit of a deceased person.

Mirages are naturally-occurring, optical phenomena in which light rays are bent to produce displaced images of distant objects. The word "mirage" is of French origin and derived from the Latin mirari, which means "to look at" or "to wonder at".



  1. One of the villagers in Phantom Village mentions that time passed differently in the village, and that "a thousand years pass as if a single day",[2] suggesting the events from when the worlds split to when the village returned could have felt like no time at all. However, other villagers also notice that time has returned based on Bartz's presence there, suggesting they were at least somewhat aware of outside events.[2]
  2. It is likely that the black chocobo that wandered through to the forest is the one from Bartz's world that Bartz and the Light Warriors rode previously, due to Phantom Village's proximity to Crescent.
  3. Villagers with the same attire appear in the Sealed Temple, suggesting that the villagers have a connection.