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Illusionist command. Deal damage to all foes.


Phantasm Tech (幻術, Genjutsu?, lit. Illusion) is the action ability for the Illusionist in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.


Skill Equipment AP MP Power
Prominence Firewheel Rod 100 32 20
Sun's power. Deals fire damage to all enemies.
Tempest Thunder Rod 100 32 17
Storm. Deals lightning damage to all enemies.
Freezeblink Sleet Rod 100 32 20
Makes blizzard to deal cold damage to all enemies.
Star Cross Princess Rod 300 32 17
Uses the power of the stars to damage all enemies.
Stardust Stardust Rod 300 32 20
Calls down rain of meteors to damage all enemies.
Deluge Chill Rod 200 32 17
Waterfall deals water damage to all enemies.
Soil Evidence Terre Rod 200 32 17
Earthquake. Deals earth damage to all enemies.
Wild Tornado Thor Rod 200 32 17
Giant twister. Deals wind damage to all enemies.