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MP 21
Effect Reduces damage.
Duration 180 sec
Casting Time 3 sec
Recast Time 10 sec
Magic Type Enhancing Magic
Element Light
Jobs RDM 33, PLD 77, RUN 68

Phalanx is a White Magic spell from Final Fantasy XI. Phalanx was formerly exclusive to Red Mages, being learned at level 33. As of the June 2010 update, however, Paladins may also learn this spell at level 77. When Rune Fencer was added, they gained Phalanx at level 68. It functions off of the Enhancing Magic skill. It will provide a certain amount of damage reduction based on the character's level and Enhancing Magic skill.


The formula is:

(Enhancing skill / 10) - 2 = Damage reduced.

If the player has 100 Enhancing Magic skill:

100/10 = 10-2 = 8

so damage is reduced by 8.

With capped skill:

256/10 = 25.6 - 2 = 23.6

With all Red Mage Enhancing Magic Gear and capped Merit Points.

315/10 = 31.5-2 = 29.5


Phalanx is an ancient Greek expression to signify an organized, dense line of battle. The Phalanx was a battle formation used by Ancient Greek hoplites.

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