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Petra Fortis is a character in Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV.



Petra is a middle-aged man with blue eyes and brown hair. He wears the uniform of a Lucian royal guardsman.


Petra is unshakably loyal to the Lucian royal family. He dislikes the immigrants who comprise the Kingsglaive, but comes to (eventually) respect Nyx Ulric.


Three days before a peace treaty is to be signed between Lucis and Niflheim, Petra meets Nyx Ulric and makes it clear he dislikes the Glaive for being an immigrant. He expresses his faith in the Wall and the peace it has created.

When Princess Lunafreya arrives unexpectedly to Insomnia, Petra argues with the imperial ambassador on being allowed into the Citadel shortly before the intervention of Titus Drautos and Nyx.

On the day of the treaty signing, Petra aids his men to protect Insomnia's Crystal from Niflheim's magitek infantry, which invades the city. When Nyx and Lunafreya are chased by Tredd Furia, Sonitus Bellum, and Axis Arra along the highway, Petra intervenes by driving a transport vehicle between the two parties, opening fire on the Niflheim ship. His vehicle halts the Niflheim ship while another takes over in the chase for Nyx and Lunafreya.

Behind the scenes[]

Gates of the Citadel in Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

The likeness of Ryan Oliva is used to portray Petra. Neil Newbon serves as the character's motion capture artist.

Petra resembles the guards seen in trailers for Final Fantasy Versus XIII.


In the English version of Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, Petra is voiced by Neil Newbon.


Petra is Latin for "Stone".

Fortis is a Latin word that literally means "Strong".